Erasmus+ options

erasmus +International recognition of the BA School of Business and Finance (BASBF) is an important precondition towards its further development. Therefore, the number of international partners is growing each year, confirming its professionalism and ability to cope in competitive conditions. Thus BASBF maintains partnerships with more than 100 universities and higher education institutions, both in Europe and overseas.
Erasmus+ Programme is an important part of BA School of Business and Finance internationalization process. We yearly receiving up to 60 incoming exchange students and additionally full time international students. Students from our partner institutions may study at the BA School of Business and Finance for one semester or one full academic year.
BASBF also focuses on attraction of international students for their exchange studies and traineeship within Erasmus+ Programme. It is very important part of the School’s international recognition and development. BASBF annually organizing International Guest Lecturer Week, that brings up to 30 international professors and academicians for teaching in our school.

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Your Calling


  • Why did you choose Latvia … this is the question which you will hear ever since you will come. People are always wondering why you didn’t go rather to Spain or Germany or anywhere else. But come on guys, it is simple. A year ago I also stood in front of the same dilemma.

    First of all I did not want to be in “a main stream.” Let’s be honest, Latvia is one of those countries which are not that popular among tourists nor students. Probably you have never heard somebody saying: „Man, I am going to spend my vacation in Jurmala” or “Damn, those Latvian national parks were so amazing”. But YOU can be that guy!!! So why not to go there?!

    Riga is wonderful city, the biggest one in the Baltic area! You can easily find here students from all over the world from South Korea, through Turkey to Mexico. Culture mixed with northern potential, Russian temper and international mood makes this place great for parties and whole-life experiences.

    I study something with finance and business. It is mix of basic economy principals but of course you can choose from variety of classes and if you are interested in studies, there is always what to study in library. School building is new and modern, with people who are always ready to help you (greetings to International Office).

    I am from Slovakia and I have never regretted my choice! Enjoy your life while you are young and don’t be afraid of new challenges! Erasmus is great opportunity for opening your eyes and exploring new cultures and last but not least you can learn here something what you couldn’t do at your home country. Peace!

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  • First I would like to express my gratitude for having such an opportunity to conduct my exchange semester at Banku augstskola! Why did I choose this university? My friends came to Banku Augstskola for their Erasmus studies. When they were there, I was jealous to them. I was looking to their photos in Riga and other neighbouring countries, and wanted to be there so much! So I felt that I need to choose Banku Augstskola for my Erasmus experience. I talked with my friends when they came back and learned many things about Riga and Banku augstskola. So I decided to apply to my home university for exchnage semester in Banku Augstskola.

    When I was approved, I started to prepare needed documents, and I had to be quite fast because of time limitation, so that to meet application deadline.  This is how I “met” Banku Augstskola Erasmus Coordinator for incoming exchnage students – Aiga Anitena. She helped me a lot and sometimes I didn’t want to anything but she sent kind reminders so that I would manage in time! I prepared all requested documents finally and was ready for Riga’s adventure.

    My first experience at the university was classes of course. All teachers were very kind, friendly and helpful! After classes I went to Aiga’s room, and I was greeted very well! She gave me a gift regarding to Banku Augstskola. She also provided some maps of Riga. I was very happy because it felt like at home, and that was good! Aiga took us to famous places in Riga. Teachers were sophisticated and friendly. During the presentation we could improve also our English, as well as learn how to work in international teams, trust on each other and share our experiences. To me everything is very good at Banku Augstskola!

    Riga is very beautiful city! You can go to silent place or you can dance in night clubs where are amazing. You can live easily in Riga. To live there is not expensive but not cheap as well. It’s something in between. Whether is cold in wintertime, but in a summer time it’s very good.  At the end I would say – Erasmus is Riga, Riga is Banku Augstskola! My best wishes to all incoming exchange students of Banku augstskola!

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  • I chose Banku Augstskola because the courses are similar to my university in France. So I was not lost. Fact that the School was funded by the Bank of Latvia was very important because in my university offered programs development depend on banks’ requirements.

    Studying in Riga is very interesting! You discover people from everywhere, so everybody speaks English around you. I liked that that professors were comprehensive and helpful. Maybe planning for classes could be done differently – 1 hour and half for one class is too long and 40 minutes for lunch is not enough. Otherwise everything is done to make students comfortable!  Thank you for everything!


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  • Before I came here, I actually didn`t have enough information about Latvia! Such as language, culture, even location. You can ask me why I choose especially Latvia. I just wanted to experience country which is not familiar. For me, who comes from Korea, well-known countries like Germany, America, France, and Italy were not that attractive. Because most of students in Korea want to go there! I did not want to hang out with Korean people every time even in my exchanging student life. And I can assure you – my choice was the best of the best!

    In Banku augstskola, there are a lot of students who are from different countries, not only European but also India, Uzbekistan, Egypt etc. It is very nice chance to share each country`s culture. Moreover, I am certain that my English has become better than before! And I also impressive about all the classes in the School! There I can take a diversity of classes related with marketing, accountancy and business. Through all process including lectures, presentations and assignments  – my knowledge have expanded more and more even if I stayed here for one semester only.

    There is one more impressive thing – whenever I have a trouble of something, International Office help me everything despite of minor problem. That is why I never worry about some issues in here. In conclusion, I am very satisfied in every single day in Banku augstskola. If somebody will study there I am sure that it is going to be best choice!

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  • We are two French students. We decided to come to Riga because it’s a cost effective and friendly city, and also because when we looked for “Riga” on Google we found a lot of things about the night life. And what we were seeing was a truth. We enjoyed our life! We met Latvian guys that are now our friends and we were surprised to see that local people spoke easily with us. We spent almost all our times in the karaoke and it’s the coolest thing in the world (seriously). Parties are great but we also were having classes ofcourse. And about this we think that teachers are better here than in France! They know their topic and do what they can to be interesting! Besides teachers administration form the International Office was also incredible! When we have had some problems with our owner they helped us and found us places in dorms. They are here for us! So we just have one thing to say: “don’t hesitate and come to Riga!”

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  • Hello! My name is Tryfonas and I come from Greece! I study Applied Informatics in University of Macedonia which is located in Thessaloniki, the 2nd most populated city of Greece. Here in Banku Augstskola I study Business and Finance so I get the chance to study something not directly connected with my original subject of studies.

    I chose Latvia as my destination because I thought it would be a very good chance to visit and live in a country that is very different than mine (but also similar in some ways). Banku Augstskola being a Business School also played a major role since I personally like learning about how businesses work and everything that involves it.

    I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by how well organized Banku Augstskola is. From the very first moment the people of the School have been always there to answer any questions we might have and help us through every process we had to go through. Teachers are sophisticated, courses are actually very interesting and their level of difficulty is, I would say, perfect for Erasmus studies!

    Regarding my experience in Riga as a whole: I absolutely love the place! I arrived in the end of January and I really enjoyed how everything was covered in snow, it really is not something you see very often in Greece. The city itself is gorgeous, the architecture is really something special and walking through the city never tires you. Whatever type of person you might be, there IS something for you to do! Museums, pubs/bars, clubs, karaoke, restaurants, gyms, running clubs, board game meetings, music schools, dancing schools…and the list goes on. Also the extraordinarily beautiful nature of Latvia is something you shouldn’t miss, so be sure to make trips to visit it! There are negatives of course also, but they do not overshadow the positives so I will only note the main one: the weather is not only harsh (some days we had -18 and people told me that it wasn’t even a ‘heavy’ winter) but VERY unpredictable. So be prepared!

    Erasmus is really a unique experience that will change you as a person! The place really doesn’t matter that much (although Banku augstskola is obviously the best choice!). It’s the people you meet that make it unforgettable. You will meet people from all over the world, learn about their way of life and their cultures and most certainly make new friendships. So my advice to anyone considering it would be: GO for it! There is no way you are going to regret it!

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  • First of all I choose Banku Augskola because of its Finance program. All the classes are matching with what I’m interested in. All the classes are complementary and very detailed, orientated in the European Union they are very convenient to understand how to do business in EU. Located in the beautiful city of Riga, Banku augstskola provided to its Erasmus students a beautiful setting to evolve. This city has long history and a rich cultural heritage, the student life is also really nice! There are a lot of different activities proposed to all the Latvian Universities, particularly for Erasmus student! Being brief – do come to Banku Augskola for your Erasmus experience!

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  • Riga is not only your choice but your destiny.

    I am so glad I came to Latvia and I could write what has probably been one of the best chapters of my life.

    Riga is a vibrant, cultural interesting and vivid city located in the North-East of Europe. Being the major city of the Baltics, the city depicts the mixture of cultures and history, and creates a perfect environment for those who want to be in a capital in which there is always something going on, either popular celebrations, sports events or music festivals as examples.

    Studying in Riga is an opportunity you can’t let go. Banku augstskola was my choice and my recipient. They have a large and interesting offer of courses in English, with useful topics and good teachers. What’s more, its location makes it easy to reach and they have all the services you may need in your stay there.

    Don’t think it twice, do not hesitate anymore and select for your future!

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