Scientific research work  is conducted by BA School of Business and Finance as an scientific institution  (registered on 10 February 2016) and by BA School of Business and Finance foundation of  ” BA School of Business and Financial Research Center”.

For BA School of Business and Finance as a scientific institutions thematic specialization and cooperation improvement (with other scientific and research institutions as well as public and private institutions and companies), there have been set up 2 laboratories – „Financial Services and Compliance Laboratory” and „Laboratory of Sustainability, Efficiency and Effectiveness”. Their profiles and objectives are directly related to the BA School of Business and Finance study fields and so far established academic staff and doctoral research topics.

Scientific work in  BA School of Business and Finance has assessed conjunction with the following main dimensions:

  • Linking research with the study process (study objectives and results);
  • Lecturers and researchers Carries out research activities in accordance with the BA School of Business and Finance  scientific directions

Link between Study process and research work is characterized by the academic staff research work, which is providing prerequisites for study courses improvement and updating as well as development of students’ research skills. “Applied research” is a study course which is included in Bachelor’s degree programs and it is one of successful examples of  increasing role of research and improvement of student research competences.


For more information on the research questions:

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