Student life

Student council

The Student Council of the BA School of Business and Finance (BASP) is a self-government elected by the students of the BA School of Business and Finance which represents students in the school’s decision-making authorities, conducts a dialogue between students and the school’s administration and organizes students’ life outside studies.

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After their studying hours, students of the BA School of Business and Finance have sports activities in a gym situated in Kr. Valdemāra Str. 163. The time in the gym is devoted to basketball and volleyball as well as to football (including the training of the school football team) and tennis.

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Extra curricular activities

There are different cultural, sports and recreation events at BA in which participated students, personnel and BA friends. The beginning of the academic year, the national holidays and graduation parties are celebrated.

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Student hostel


BA School of Business and Finance (SBF) offers accommodation in university’s student hostel to local and full time international students first. If there are any rooms available exchange students will be informed accordingly. So you will need to find accommodation in private sector: rented flats, sharing room with other students. Previous exchange students also might give you some useful advice, so it is always wise to get acquainted with their experience. The list of former exchange students will be provided by hosing university’s coordinator. Also relevant links on accommodation options in Riga will be provided to incoming exchange students.

However SBF will assist the students in applying for accommodation in Riga. If you are accepted to the programme you will receive more information upon request. Average accommodation costs per month may vary from 200, 00 EUR to 300, 00 EUR, and you may need to sign a contract and pay a deposit with your landlord.

For any other additional information please contact:

Mrs Irina Kuklica
Project Manager for Mobility Issues
(Outgoing studdents, academic staff/ staff exchange, incoming academic staff/ staff exchange)

Mrs Tatjana Dakica
Erasmus Coordinator (incoming students, teacher/staff exchange)

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