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BA School of Business and Finance (BASBF) is one of the leading, self- financing business schools in Latvia. From a legal point of view BASBF is a derived public person. BASBF has been conferred its own autonomous competence by law which includes also establishing and approval of its own budget. Such a person may have its own property. It was founded in 1992 as Banking College under the Bank of Latvia and in 1997 it was accredited as Higher Educational Institution, today known as BA School of Business and Finance offering studies to 1493students. In 2017 BA School of Business and Finance celebrated its 25th anniversary. BASBF is proud of its 10333 alumni.

BA School of Business and Finance was included  in the Registry of scientific institutions on February 2, 2016.

The BA School of Business and Finance, jointly with RISEBA and in cooperation with the Stockholm School of Economics (since 2016), has been organizing an annual international scientific conference, which, since 2016, has acquired its own brand name (ASBBMC – an abbreviation of the Conference of the English name “Annual Scientific Baltic Business Management Conference) and its own website (

BA SBF has set up 3 research laboratories: Sustainability and Efficiancy laboratory, Financial Intermediation and Complimance Expertise laboratory and Cybersecurity Research laboratory.

BA School of Business and Finance offers its study programmes within 2 study directions; Economics and Management, administration and real estate mangeemnt  providing  3 cycle 14 higher education study programs at all levels – the first level higher education, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programs focusing on the niche of financial education,  business management, IT, and cybersecurity In 2013 BASBF was granted the status of a certified centre of Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) UK, it allows to prepare specialists in Financial Management and award additional professional qualification of a Financial Manager SQA. All study programs implemented by BASBF have incorporated company  placement as a compulsory requirement. The study process has gained international dimension. Every year BASBF receives international full time and exchange students which ensures a diverse student community.

We are proud  to be Eduniversal rated 12. The professional Master’s degree programme ”International Finance and Banking”  ranked 12 by EDUNIVERSAL Best masters  under section ”Corporate Finance”/Eastern Europe (2016/2017 academic year The Eduniversal Best Masters ranking classifies the 4000 best Masters and MBA programs in the world.

BA SBF graduates  work for leading companies, banks, auditing companies and various government institutions contributing to the growth of the whole sector providing  their knowledge and expertise. Graduates are nationally and internationally recognized entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, experts and professionals working both in public and private companies.

The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) as a learner-centred credit system is fully  implemented at BA SBF.

BA SBF has expanded its international partnerships in Europa and beyond it. Over the last years, BA SBF has  expanded its cooperation outside Europe. Currently within Erasmus+ programme BA SBF is running the project with non-EU countries. In 2016/2017 academic year from BA SBF 3 academic staff members lectured in India and Russian Federation, Israel, but BA SBF received 3 lecturers from India and Malaysia, accenting its internationalization.

Through its partnerships it has set up cooperation with 35 coutries by signing more than 120  agreements.

Successful partnerships has enhanced the opportunity to ensure sustainable Quality Assurance at BA SBF.

Already for the fourth time (2017) BA SBF has been recognized as an  „Investor in Excellence” (IiE Standard). The certificate serves as a roadmap for further high performance achievement. It is a Quality Management Certificate  issued by the British Quality Foundation thus proving that it meets high internationally recognized standards of  EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence model).

In 2015 BA SBF was unconditionally reviewed for its internationalisation and awarded NIBS (Network for International Business Schools) accreditation as  a NIBS International Business School meeting NIBS Accreditation Standards for the dimension of internationalisation. The first NIBS accreditation was awarded in 2010.

BA SBF  is located in Riga at 2 premises at  K. Valdemara  Street 161 (legal address) and  at  Skanstes  Street 43. The total area of the  building at K.Valdemara 161 is 6,475.10 m2.  BA SBF has their own residential facilities: Students hostel, which occupies 2,088.80 m2, the total of 75 rooms with 199 beds. It is located on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th floors at K.Valdemara 161.

For study purposes at K. Valdemara 161 there are 10 modern classrooms with a total area of 862.50 m2 and 614 seats, including a conference hall with 168 seats All classrooms are equipped with modern technical facilities.

There are 3 computer labs at BA SBF. The labs is equipped with 59 workstations. In addition, computer facilities are also available at the Library (21 stations).

BA School of Business and Finance – Presentation

Andris Sarnovics

Professor, Rector

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