This year BA School of Business and Finance will start enrollment for “BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT”


On April 14, 2020, BA School of Business and Finance received a license to implement a new and unique professional bachelor’s study program “BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT”, which was developed together with employers, faculty, current and future students, and is adapted to current global market needs.

The content of the modern management program, as well as lecturers and mentors can be found at

The goal of the program is to prepare outstanding next-generation leaders in business process management to work in rapidly changing conditions.

The program will be implemented in Latvian and English in person, as well as by distance learning. Admission for study year of 2020/21. will take place already this summer – by applying  electronically.

Due to the rapid changes in the world, it is sometimes difficult for students to choose their next professional activity immediately after graduating from school. To facilitate this, the first two years of study will be devoted to the development of the student’s personality, stimulating the strengthening of intellectual abilities and openness to new views, approaches and ways of thinking to develop the leadership skills that will be needed in the future.

And only in the third year of study students will have to choose one of three specializations (company, personnel or marketing manager) and will be able to gain competitive knowledge and practical experience from the management of various companies and departments.

Lilita Sparāne, the director of the program, emphasizes that within the framework of the new study program challenges await not only students, but also lecturers and representatives of the labor market – because cooperation is the main condition of today’s modern changes in the world.

Group work, solving business problems, developing plans for the implementation of innovative ideas, and also implementing them in life together will require the use of new approaches in preparing lectures, mentoring, developing prototypes and testing them in life, and learning new study methods (such as international virtual hackathons, gaming, simulation, experimentation, etc.) The studies will place great emphasis on modern project management, taking into account the development of digital transformation, the need to attract human resources and talent management, practical business case analysis, use of design and systemic thinking principles in strategic management, marketing and sales.

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The study program has developed within the framework of the ESF project No. / 18 / A / 008 “Support for the development of the study programs of the BA School of Business and Finance in EU languages”