The BA School of Business and Finance project will create a digital environment for public lifelong learning



Under the leadership of the BA School of Business and Finance (project applicant – the BA School of Business and Finance, cooperation partners – the Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy and the University of Liepaja) in December 2020 the project – “COVID-19 impact on sustainable consumption and circular economy ” was started.

In the course of the project, based on the latest scientific findings and international experience, it is planned to create a digital platform for the new approaches of lifelong learning in society. It would be a theoretical and at the same time practical basis for maintaining and improving the digital environment in order to promote a science-based approach to solving problems, changing public attitudes in overcoming the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The duration of the project is 13 months: 1 December 2020 – 31 December 2021.

Vice-Rector of BA School of Business and Finance Andris Nātriņš: ” I would like to emphasize that the researchers of the BA School of Business and Finance have invested a lot of work in improving scientific excellence, and this grant project of the Latvian Science Council is a confirmation of that. Our researchers have qualified to support the FLPP grant program because they have linked higher education institutions as research institutions to the priority research thematic areas: sustainability (in terms of consumption behavior) and circular economics, with the news generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. These are the efforts of our university to develop research in areas of international significance and potential contribution to the development of our country and society. “

The Covid – 19 pandemic proves that citizens and entrepreneurs need advice on how to acquire frugal management skills, digitize documents and processes. Information and communication technologies contribute to the sustainable development of society, and a new educational module developed by practicing teachers with modern teaching methods will provide a new opportunity for training SMEs and citizens in areas such as:

– financial literacy, prudent management,

– scientific organization of work, labor law and protection,

– healthy lifestyle, exercise at work, rehabilitation,

– zero – waste, waste sorting and reduction,

– green choice, smart shopping, green shopping,

– digitization, remote communication and means of communication,

– cyber security, document security in the digital environment.

The core of the project researchers consists of the teaching staff of the BA School of Business and Finance: project manager Professor I. Mavļutova, Professor Dz. Atstāja, doctoral students I. Uvarova, S. Deruma, doctors of science, researchers and lecturers D. Rūtītis, A. Spilbergs and A. Fomins, who are convinced of the successful result of team work and the ability to find innovative solutions for the promotion of sustainable development of society. In December 2020, the project team started working in an online environment with a series of guest lectures for students of the BA School of Business and Finance.

A new digital educational environment can stimulate Latvia’s economic growth and competitiveness by mitigating the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as help prepare for similar crises in the future.

Fundamental and Applied Research Projects (hereinafter – FLPP) is a science funding program focused on scientific excellence funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, the aim of which is to create new knowledge and technological knowledge in all groups of science branches.