Tatjana Volkova receives Annual Award 2021 of Professors Association in Latvia


Today on February 18th in the vote of the Professors Association in Latvia, the Annual Award 2021 for contribution has been awarded to Professor Tatjana Volkova (BA School of Business and Finance). During the Annual Conference this award was announced and presented to our professor online.

Professor Tatjana Volkova  was nominated for her active membership of  Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Latvia  (in 2021 the Council celebrated its 25 year anniversary). Prof. T. Volkova’s international cooperation and participation in various organisations in Latvia was taken into account in the nomination.

Prof T. Volkova on receiving the award and thanking her colleagues and members of the professional environment, saying:

“As we climb to the top of the mountain of knowledge, there are ever-expanding horizons and new peaks that encourage you to learn even more! Thank you all for your constructive cooperation over these many years! I would like to thank everyone because without your collegiate support it would be impossible to succeed in Latvia and internationally! To receive the Annual Award  also obliges the honour to represent the interests of BA School of Business and Finance and  professors of other institutions of higher education in Latvia and beyond.”

Professor T. Volkova has been active at the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Latvia  since 2012. T. Volkova has been a long-standing Member of the Board. From 2015 to 2020 she worked for Commission of Study Accreditation and  Commission of Study Programme Licensing. Currently Prof. T. Volkova is the President of the Commission of Quality of studies.

Dr. Liga Peiseniece, Rector of BA School of Business and Finance:

“Congratulations to our colleague and  we say Thank you to Professor Tatjana Volkova for her great contribution to higher education and for sharing her knowledge, so that the BA School of Business and Finance could get important information about the current developments in higher education and could introduce new approaches, processes and programmes at the BA School of Business and Finance.”

Congratulations to Professor Tatjana Volkova with this high assessment and we wish success in the future work!