Studies in Hybrid form starting November 22nd


Since November 22nd, we are studying in hybrid form again at BA School of Business and Finance, both in person and online at the same time. Only persons with an interoperable COVID19 certificate of completed vaccination or recovery may participate in in person studies starting at 22.11.

About recieving the Covid19 certificate:

In accordance to the regulations of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia ( 9.11.2021) the period of lockdown has expired on November 15th. Some epidemiological safety requirements are also being adjusted. However, the prevalence of Covid-19 in Latvia is still relatively high and the review of safety measures should be performed with caution.

About recieving vaccination:
You can apply for a vaccine against Covid-19 infection:
1.    If you have a bank account registered in Latvia, on the website
Residents are invited to come to vaccination locations, if a confirmation from the website regarding vaccination is received, and come to the vaccination cabinet/ centre not earlier than 15 minutes before your confirmed vaccination time.
2.    If you do not have a bank account, call 8989 and make an appointment for a certain place, day and time of vaccination.
3.   Go to vaccination points in shopping centres without an appointment (or you can make an appointment by calling 8989 or on the website
4.  Contact medical institutions that ensure vaccination against COVID-19. The list of medical institutions and practices of general practitioners ensuring vaccination is available on the map.
Information on the documents that certify the person’s status:
citizen of Latvia – Passport, ID;

non-citizen of Latvia – Passport, ID;

• full-time foreign students studying in Latvia – student’s card or statement issued by a Latvian educational institution.
• foreigner, who has been granted a permanent residence permit in Latvia – permanent residence permit (card);

persons, who have been granted a temporary residence permit in Latvia – a residence document (card) with indicated type of permit “temporary residence permit”.

Full list of persons for whom the Covid-19 vaccination service is state-paid:

Before vaccination against COVID-19 infection, the person shall present a personal identity document (passport or ID) for verification of person’s identity. For any questions regarding vaccination you can call 8989!
If a foreign student arrives in the Republic of Latvia to study in person, the same above-mentioned regulations apply to him / her. After the student’s arrival in Latvia, if it is necessary in accordance with the current situation in the particular foreign country, the higher education institution informs the student about the requirement to observe self-isolation for a certain period of time.
Additional information: Amendments to the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 360,  June 9th 2020:  “Epidemiological security measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection”: