Studies at BA School of Business and Finance take place remotely until 25 January 2021


Due to extending the state of emergency in Latvia for limiting COVID-19 infection,  studies in BA School of Business and Finance continue only remotely until January 25th, 2021. Further information about remote studies will follow according to government decisions. The government has also updated and extended the curfew for holidays until 25 January. Curfew covers night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday starting 22.00 to 5.00 a.m. We are reminding, that:

  1. In order to reduce the risk of infecting, all persons in Latvia must stay in their places of residence from 22.00 to 5.00, until 25 January during from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.
  2. During the movement in a curfew period, a person must bring with him/her an identity document (passport or ID card).
  3. Movement at night (22.00 to 5.00), during curfew period, allowed for persons going to or from a place of work or service and performing work or service duties and those in need of medical care.

We have supplemented “Quality standards for remote study process in BA School of Business and Finance for year 2020/2021″ The Student Council of the BA School of Business and Finance has been actively involved in improvement of remote studies, and their proposals for improving these quality standards have been integrated in this document. We are grateful to students for this cooperation, which allows us to operatively improve our common everyday life! You are invited to read them and take notice! More information on standards here: for students and for academics.