Students from the BA School of Business and Finance learn the legal and economic aspects of blockchain technology in an international seminar


For ten days from March 8 to 18, Latvian students from the BA School of Business and Finance alongside students from the United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Israel, Germany and Italy participated in the online seminar Blockchain: Law, Business and Economics. The seminar is organized by the College of Law and Business in Israel together with the University of Kassel in Germany.

Vice-Rector for Studies Biruta Dzērve: “We are glad that the students of the BA School of Business and Finance understand the importance of digital skills, which are so necessary nowadays, and are motivated to acquire them additionally. Seek answers to questions about the legality of blocking technologies, explain their added value, identify risks. Any knowledge gained from international projects has a double value – knowledge plus international experience. Among the lecturers, we can read the names of various practitioners, internationally recognized professionals, who represent both the public sector and the business environment in which blockchain technologies are actively used.

BA continues to work with partner universities outside Europe, highlighting a topic relevant to the development of the industry and including it in an exchange seminar on blockchain design, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, digital currency, legal ownership of coins and tokens, anti-money laundering and compliance policy. The seminar included both theoretical lectures and practical classes, as well as virtual tours to introduce the Israeli economy and technology.

Evaluates Lāsma Zaķe, 3rd year student of the bachelor’s study program “Business Process Management”:In the seminar on blockchains we learned from the very basics – what is this technology, how it works, where it can be applied. We also learned a lot of new information about Israel itself and business opportunities there. During the seminar, we performed practical tasks in groups so that at the end of the seminar we could present our idea of ​​using blockchains in real life. The seminar lasted for two weeks, and four days a week there were lectures from morning to evening. My main benefit will be the expanded knowledge on this topic and, as I understood from the Erasmus + manager, we will also receive credit points.