Students create marketing campaigns in well-known Latvian companies


For the next two months, the BA School of Business and Finance students of various courses in the free-choice course “Practical Marketing” have the opportunity to work with original tasks of real well-known companies in Latvia in order to carry out the necessary marketing research or even develop a specific marketing campaign.

Guest lectures are led by Katrīna Lapiņa, who is a graduate of the bachelor’s and master’s study program “Business Management” of the BA School of Business and Finance. The guest lecturer has been really enthusiastic about the new responsibilities in her study course and has attracted specific companies – Valmiermuižas alus Ltd., Fazer Latvija Ltd., Promoty, Omniva Ltd.

Aigars Ruņģis, the owner of “Valmiermuižas alus”, offered students to create a campaign for Valmiermuiža non-alcoholic Kokmuiža beer. The guest inspired our students because he motivated with Latvianness, confidently focused vision and his ambitions to achieve big goals. He informed the students that in May and June Valmiermuiža beer will implement an advertising campaign for this product and, if students come with valuable ideas, they will gladly include them in the campaign. Therefore, there is a great opportunity for the students themselves to get involved in the implementation of the campaign.

The company Fazer Latvija Ltd. has been involved in this study course for the second year in a row, and it is worth mentioning that this company is represented by Marketing Manager Zane Bērziņa, who is also a graduate of the master’s study program “Business Management in Creative Industries” of the BA School of Business and Finance.

Laima Čable, Director of Study Programs: “We are pleased with the growth of former students and graduates of the BA School of Business and Finance, who are returning to the University, but in a different status – to add value to our existing students by involving them in various interesting real business projects.”