Safety instructions in order to avoid COVID-19


Covid- 19 Related Rules

All students, who have arrived from home country or who were crossing countries including countries in transit, in which high number of COVID-19 cases are confirmed, must self-isolate for a 14-day period upon arrival in Latvia.

The high number of confirmed COVID-19 cases list is published and updated every Friday by Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, please find a table of The List of Countries Subject to Special Safety Measures here: . After self-isolation period student can join in-class studies. While the student is at self-isolation period, online (LIVE) studies are provided.

We strongly recommend arriving to Latvia at least a week prior to the start of studies. BA School of Business and Finance offer Student Hostel. 14-day self-isolation is not available at Student Hostel. The self- isolation must be done in other place, after the end of 14-day self- isolation period students may live in Student Hostel. During self-isolation students are not allowed to come to BA School of Business and Finance, more about self-isolation and other related Covid-19 in Latvia information, please find here:

No earlier than 48h before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia online traveler form has to be completed, please find more information here:

Incoming students must send to travel itinerary and shortly before arrival boarding pass or travel tickets. BA School of Business and Finance Form on Health Status and Arrival must be filled in after self-isolation period, the form will be provided arriving at the university.

Dear students and employees of the BA School of Business and Finance! Autumn season is officially here. We strongly recommend paying attention to ⛔️ #STOPCOVID ⛔️ safety measures. Therefore, please read and follow the short instructions for “vitamins” A and B and C (see the pictures)!