Researchers at the BA School of Business and Finance participate in the EUROPEAN NIGHT SCIENTISTS NIGHT 2021


The annual EUROPEAN SCIENTISTS ‘NIGHT, which aims to introduce science to the public and brings scientists and science stakeholders together, providing an opportunity to learn about science and the latest research projects.

This year, THE EUROPEAN NIGHT OF SCIENTISTS 2021 takes place on April 30 – every participant will be able to visit real science laboratories online and see the everyday life of scientists:

During the event, from 18.00 to 23.00, the platform will simultaneously operate almost 20 live channels, where it will be possible to watch experimental demonstrations, virtual tours, lectures, discussions, short films and other exciting activities prepared by about 15 different Latvian universities and scientific institutions.

The news of EUROPEAN SCIENTISTS NIGHT 2021 can also be followed on the social platform Facebook:

Participants will be delighted online with experiments and an educational show for children as well, as the EUROPEAN SCIENTISTS ‘NIGHT 2021 program will feature a special guest – Aldis Kalnins and “Blue Miracles”.

In order to easily select the most appropriate events for your interests and age group, the wide range of activities will be divided into three categories:

– Small researchers;

– Investigators;

– Great science.

This year, the BA School of Business and Finance participates in the activities of EUROPEAN SCIENTISTS NIGHT 2021 together with its project partners – Riga Stradiņš University, Liepāja Pedagogical University and Latvian Academy of Sports and Pedagogy to update the fundamental research COVID-19 and the circular economy ” and the lessons learned from it on how the habits of everyone, as well as the business environment, change during and after a pandemic.