Referring to the Improvement of Remote Study Process at BA School of Business and Finance


On 16 November 2020, a survey was carried out by BA School of Business and Finance (BASBF)on hybrid and remote studies. The survey involved 281 students, representing 25% of the total number of students studying at BASBF. We are grateful for the active involvement of students in the survey which facilitates the further development of the study process.

The average score of remote studies revealed by the survey is 3.9 on a five-scale range, which shows the ability of BASBF to provide remote studies that are compatible with the interests of students, however some improvements are needed to ensure the provision of high quality studies.

Many respondents mentioned positive aspects of the implementation of remote study process, such as safety, time saving, the possibility to study from any location. Several respondents expressed their gratitude to academic staff for their ability to change fast, create exciting and engaging lectures in virtual environment.

Respondents also pointed out some drawbacks in the organization of remote study process, and indicated areas to be improved in relation to lecture timetable and lecture management.

In evaluating the results of the survey results and the obtained feedback during various academic meetings, we have identified the key areas to be improved and the measures to be taken. All these activities will be carried out in the near future.

The Student Council of BASBF has been involved in the improvement of the study process and has submitted proposals to update the Quality Standards of Remote Study Process.

In order to improve the quality of remote study process, it is essential that students reveal responsible and interested attitude to their studies which means that active participation in online discussions, answer sessions and argumentation is ensured with cameras switched on.

We believe that only together we can develop effective remote study process at BA School of Business and Finance which provides students with comprehensive knowledge, skills and competence in order to acquire the chosen degree and qualification.