Rector of the BA School of Business and Finance: the goal of austerity will not be achieved if everyone does not get involved


The priority of the BA School of Business and Finance (BASBF) is to save studies in person, therefore we involve students, administrative staff and teaching staff in measures to save energy resources due to the rising prices of energy resources, informs the rector of the BASBF Līga Peiseniece.

As the time of Covid showed, unfortunately, the quality of studies suffers during distance learning, so BA set the goal of saving face-to-face studies.

Today, the BASBF is also launching the energy efficiency championship “Closer! Warmer! More fun!”, the purpose of which is not only to save money, but to teach how to use resources wisely. Knowledge can be useful to everyone at home, at the place of practice, it can be shared with friends.

“We have set a goal, and together we plan to achieve 30% energy consumption savings compared to the previous two years. The goal is not easy, because the university can influence the replacement of light bulbs to LED lights, however, a person is needed who turns off this “smart” lamp when leaving the room,” explains Peiseniece.

According to her, this will be an experiment on how to achieve the goal by working together, it will both help to save electricity and be kind to the planet.

She adds that knowledge about efficient ways of using energy resources can be useful for every Latvian resident, ideas can be drawn from BA social networks, where a knowledge contest with a prize draw will take place every week. Thermoses will be drawn as prizes.

Speaking about the implemented energy saving measures, the rector reminds that the BASBF has two buildings – on Skanstes Street 43, which has three floors and an 11-floor building in Kr. 161 Valdemāra street.

One of the buildings has been winterized by the university for economy purposes. It uses only sports and gymnasiums. The studios have been moved to the main building, where a series of energy efficiency measures have been implemented.

“The university turns off the artificial lighting at night, disables one elevator, optimizes the use of the premises, shortens the number of on-site working days of the administrative staff, reduces the temperature in the premises by one degree and involves students and administrative staff in performing seemingly small but effective tasks – turning off lights and devices, cleaning the premises , in the use of stairs instead of elevators, because if everyone does not get involved, the savings goal will not be achieved,” stresses the Rector.

There are two elevators in the main building, study and administration work takes place from the 1st to the 6th floor, and from the 7th to the 10th floor there is a hotel where both students and guests stay.

“This building has only one heat unit, so it is not possible to disconnect only part of the premises from heating. Therefore, a solution had to be devised. It was decided to leave only one of the two elevators, as well as a semi-remote working regime was introduced for administrative employees – two days in person, the other three – remotely,” explains Peiseniece.

The BASBF approached the energy saving regime like true economists – energy efficiency, occupancy of premises, opportunities to direct the flow of lecturers, guests and students were measured.

At the BASBF, students, lecturers and administrative staff are invited to ensure that artificial lighting is not used as much as possible during daylight hours and that light objects are turned off in rooms where no one is present. On days of remote work, the office monitor must be turned off; any other electrical devices that are not in use should be disconnected from the contact socket.

“With the contribution of every student, lecturer and administration employee, which may seem very small – ventilate the room properly, turn off the monitor, disconnect the charger from the socket, climb the stairs to the lecture hall – together we will be able to do a lot! ” Līga Peiseniece, rector of the BASBF, is convinced.

Here are five useful tips that will help you save energy resources:

  1. Do not use artificial lighting if there is no need.
  2. Make sure that light objects are switched off in rooms where no one is present.
  3. Climb the stairs as often as possible, use the elevator only if there is a need to climb higher than the 6th floor.
  4. Observe proper ventilation in the premises: the window is either completely closed or open for 10 min.
  5. When leaving, unplug electrical devices that are not in use, including printers, kettles, scanners and others

About the BA School of Business and Finance

BASBF is a state-founded, internationally recognized institution of higher education, which has been in operation for 30 years has been one of the most recognizable business schools in Latvia for years. Currently, it implements a total of 13 accredited professional higher education study programs in business management and finance in educational directions at all study levels in Latvian and English. BASBF has given more than 12,000 graduates to the national economy of Latvia, of which many are managers and industry experts of well-known companies in Latvia and Europe.