Excursion to Valmiera


On Saturday 11th of October 2014, 27 international and local students of BA School of Business and Finance participated in excursion to Valmiera, organized by Valmiera city. The excursion begun early in the morning, at the train station and all day was full of fun and surprises.

Valmiera city is one of the oldest towns in Latvia an area of which was populated already 9000 years ago. The beautiful and romantic town is situated on turns of one of the most beautiful Rivers in Latvia – Gauja River and it is located about 120km northeast from Riga. During the excursion, all of the participants had the opportunity to visit the “Feeling  Park”, explore the “Simjuda” fair and lunch in the city centre of Valmiera. In the afternoon, the students visited one of the best breweries in Latvia, the “Valmiermuiža” with guided tour and  the possibility to enjoy the local beer and some spare time at the brewery  Valmiermuiža.

Student Giorgi Chagoshvili experience

“It was a really huge opportunity for all students and especially for me, as I just arrived few days before, to spend unforgettable time and make new friends. Furthermore we had chance to explore such a beautiful city and nature of Latvia together with other students”.

Student Mukhiddin Khamidov experience

‘’It was very special and exciting day of my life, there we had a lot of fun, different kind of activities. The town is preserving a huge treasure box of natural, cultural, art and historical heritage. If your plan during your trip to Valmiera is to visit the main sightseeing points and to have an active or recreational relaxation, you will be glad to hear, that there are plenty things to do all year round. Either you came to Valmiera to relax, have fun with your friend or moreover, to get art, cultural or historical inspiration, Valmiera will always have something for you to offer. Just come and see. ‘’