New Professional Bachelor Program BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT


We are pleased to announce that on 14 April 2020, the BA School of Business and Finance has received a license to implement a new professional bachelor’s study programme: BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT”. The programme is developed in cooperation with employers, trainers, lecturers,  existing and future students and adapted to the current needs of the global business market.

The programme aims to prepare outstanding next-generation leaders in the management of business processes working in fast-changing conditions.

The first two years of study will be devoted to the development of a student’s personality by stimulating the strengthening and openness of intellectual capabilities to new views, approaches and thinking ways to develop leadership skills that will be needed to manage the work of a company or body in an international environment.

The third-year will have the option of selecting one of the three specializations (manager of a company, HR or marketing), thereby ensuring a competitive acquisition of knowledge and practical experience.

Studies will be based on an analysis of practical business cases, addressing challenges with design and other advanced project management methods, as well as developing digital skills to ensure that the theory is linked to real market needs.


Project Nr. “Atbalsts Banku augstskolas studiju programmas attīstībai ES valodās” is co-funded with the support of the Central Finance and Contract Agency of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union Fund.