MBA in Cybersecurity Management


At BA School of Business and Finance until 28 August, will continue the enrolment to professional master’s studio programs. A number of individuals associated with the master’s study program “Cybersecurity Management” expressed their views about this study program.

Sintija Deruma, Director of the Master’s Cybersecurity Management Program, accent that the study program is intended for a variety of stakeholders, both for researchers and for people who want to change the profession, for those who want to start-up or invent a cyber-innovative product. It is not necessary to have expertise in the IT field to study this program and become Head of Information Security.

Tatjana Volkova, a professor at BA School of Business and Finance, points out that the “Cybersecurity Management” program is aimed at preparing specialists who are able to identify the specifics and complexity of cybersecurity issues because they are not just technical solutions, it is the entire company’s involvement in providing cybersecurity to the company. Therefore, the programme focuses more on cybersecurity managers, assistants to company executives, even if they do not hold positions related to IT security, so that they understand the language in which business is speaking, and can make their necessary contribution to the company’s development by helping the head of the company to understand how cybersecurity policies should be set, the objectives of developing different security policies and plans, which permeates the whole organization.

S.Deruma informs that training practices are provided in cooperation with companies, thereby gaining “heads on experience”. The learning process gains practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately tested in the company where the student has decided to go into practice, such as implementing different risk methodologies, examining how to deal with incidents and searching for electronic evidence.

The master’s study program “Cybersecurity Management” graduates Priyanka Singh, Ademola Oloyede Obasola highlights the importance of planning the study process so that students can combine both studies and work. The lectures take place every other Friday evening and weekends. The reasons for selecting the study program were related to both daily professional duties and their uniqueness. Students greatly appreciate the opportunities offered by BA School of Business and Finance to participate in both international programs and social and sporting activities and the functioning of the Career Centre, as it makes students aware of the latest vacancies in the desired field of work.