MBA in Business Administration


If you have learned another profession and want to start, develop your business and complement your knowledge of running a business, the Profesional Master’s Degree Program “Business Administration” is the most suitable.

Vice-Rector for academic affairs BA School of Business and Finance, Līga Peiseniece explained that “Business Administration” program is a good combination of traditional courses and contemporary management courses and this program is designed for leaders who are interested in internship and who are willing to establish own business, run business in companies, lead teams. This program is for an ambitious personality who know what they want to achieve. Study program combines the courses what are necessary for companies nowadays and develop important skills, like marketing and human resource management, analytical skills, analyzing skills – to analyze an economic situation, problem situations in companies and offer solutions. For potential MBA student is important to have a bachelor degree in any field, very good English skills as learning language is English, working experience will be counting. As program develop employees for international companies, students need to be ready to work in an international environment, to have international communication, social, cultural skills.

Kristaps Lešinskis, lecturer of BA School of Business and Finance agree with L. Peiseniece words as in general this program is very interesting and adapted for international studies, international environment, with focus on management courses, innovations, process management.

If students want to start, develop own business, Inga Uvarova, Entrepreneur, lecturer of BA School of Business and Finance informs that lecturers, professors are not only field experts, but also parallel to teaching lectures act as mentors for business ideas with help of processing them to develop that idea with individual coaching.

In Latvia are many companies who are looking for international employees, for example, Nauris  Jonass, Head of Branch in Uzbekistan, JSC SONORA- Transport and Logistics, Master of “Business Administration” graduate times to times visit BA School of Business and Finance to search for students from India, as potential employee for company, because companies main market is in Uzbekistan and there are a lot of companies who are shipping goods from India to Uzbekistan. As a result, their goal is to build a bridge by a Latvian company in India and Uzbekistan.