Libraries and global academic publishers and partners grant access to e-resources


The Library of the BA School of Business and Finance and the National Library of Latvia are closed until the end of the state of emergency, thus there is no possibility to get acquainted with the literature in person.

In order to avoid delaying/hindering the preparation and defense of course papers, Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis and applied researches of students, use remote approaches:

To assist students at disrupted semester-calendar schools who are losing access to course materials due to COVID-19 campus closures, publishers and partners have been joined to offer free access to e-books to students whose classes have moved online.

CORE freeaccess resources:
Emerald Publishing freeaccess resources:
Elsevier freeaccess resources:


Springer Nature freeaccess resources: 
Oxford University Press (OUP) freeaccess resources:
Cambridge University Press (CUP) freeaccess resources :
Ohio State University Press freeaccess resources: 
University of Michigan Press freeaccess resources: 
Project MUSE freeaccess resources: 
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