KABADA project partners first meeting


BA School of Business and Finance as a project “KABADA / Knowledge Alliance of Business idea Assessment: Digital Approach” coordinator on 25 – 26 November held a meeting for project partners.

During the first meeting of the project launch, project manager Jānis Hermanis and delegated participants from partners expressed and clarified the organizational issues related to the implementation of the KABADA project. They presented, discussed and set deadlines for specific near-term tasks in order to achieve the project objective. The project goal is to create a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool for the assessment of business ideas, which will help young entrepreneurs successfully start their own businesses.

The project involves 10 partners from 6 European Union countries:

BA School of Business and Finance (BA SBF), Riga, Latvia

UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL), Leuven, Belgium

Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (VIKO), Vilnius, Lithuania

Mendel University (MENDELU), Brno, Czech Republic

Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS), Setúbal, Portugal

ArtSmart, Riga, Latvia

Craftworkz, Belgium

Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association (YEPA), Lithuania

Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo” (CSCS), Italy

KBC, Belgium

KABADA / Knowledge Alliance of Business idea Assessment: Digital Approach project is selected by Erasmus+ KA2 Knowledge Alliances program on 2019 call.