Information about changes in student hostel price list, booking and accommodation


The price list of the BA School of Business and Finance Student Hostel
The Price List of BA School of Business and Finance Student Hostel is changed in 10th November 2020. The changes introduce a three-tier pricing system, depending on the term of the student hostel contract. The agreements concluded so far and the room fee included in them will not be changed. However, in case of termination of the agreement and further conclusion of a new agreement for living in a hostel of the BA School of Business and Finance, the new payment conditions will be applied in the Agreement, where the rent will be increased in case of a reduced rental period.
Hostel room reservation without breaking the lease agreement
In connection with the introduction of distance learning, hostel lessors are offered the opportunity to book a room without terminating the contract, in order to maintain the payment conditions included in the contract and for the reservation period, leaving their personal belongings in it.
Hostel room reservation information:
When booking rooms, 20% of the monthly rent for the specific room is applied.
In order to receive an opportunity to reserve a room, the lessor must write an application to the Director of Infrastructure from the e-mail of the BA School of Business and Finance to e-mail:, indicating:
o name, surname;
o hostel room number;
o reservations of the months of the desired period;
o reason for booking.
The maximum reservation period, if the external legal framework will not be changed, is set until 31.12.2020.
Obligations of the lessor who received this reservation:
o hand over the hostel room keys;
o not allowed in the hostel;
o to inform the hostel administrator Tamara Pavlovska about the need to enter the hostel room to the e-mail address: in order to coordinate the time.

General cleaning in the hostel
During this time, the hostel premises are undergoing intensive cleaning and disinfection. Floors, walls, equipment and contact surfaces are washed and disinfected.
Lessors accommodation changes
In order to better ensure the distance learning process at our school, it is possible to temporarily transfer hostel lessors who are students of the BA School of Business and Finance to rooms where they live one by one, maintaining the previous payment conditions. In total, such an opportunity could be offered to about ten students of the BA School of Business and Finance who live in a hostel. You can apply to the hostel administrator Tamara Pavlovska.