Hybrid studies at BA School of Business and Finance in academic year 2021/2022


Following the amendments approved by the Latvian Government to the rules “Epidemiological Safety Measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection”, the BA School of Business and Finance will provide studies in hybrid form in the academic year 2021/2022 meaning that in general studies will be held in person with the possibility to take part in activities remotely.

According to the regulations of Cabinet of Ministers, only people with an interoperable Certificate of Vaccination or Certificate of having survived a Covid-19 infection in the past will be able to participate in studies in person. More on receiving A COVID 19 digital certificate: covid19.gov.lv/en/digital-covid-19-certificate.

Rector of BA School of Business and Finance Dr. Līga Peiseniece: 

“We have important concerns about a safe and healthy environment for every employee and every student studying in person. We also understand the different situations of students in relation to vaccination opportunities, so we’ve conducted a survey of students to find out opinions on different study formats and what is needed for quality studies. Here are the results of the survey: we will provide lessons in hybrid form with the ability to take part in the lessons remotely. This format has been accepted by the majority of students surveyed as well as it was the most acceptable. We are currently preparing 17 classrooms to meet again in person, and we are also organizing training for our staff to implement a higher-quality hybrid studies.”

The transitional period until 10 October 2021 – students will also be able to study in person with a negative COVID 19 test!

In order to allow staff and students to obtain a vaccination certificate at the beginning of 2021/2022 academic year, the Cabinet of Ministers’ rules provide that, by the October 10th 2021 at the latest, people with a testing certificate for a negative COVID 19 test obtained during the last 48 hours will also be able to participate in studies in person. In such a case, students must bear the costs of testing from their own resources. After October 1oth, this academic year does not include the so-called “semi-safe” regime, when vaccinated people, people who’ve survived having Covid-19 infection and people with a negative COVID 19 test result meet for studies in person.

If a foreign student arrives in the Republic of Latvia to study in person, the same above-mentioned regulations apply to him / her. After the student’s arrival in Latvia, if it is necessary in accordance with the current situation in the particular foreign country, the higher education institution informs the student about the requirement to observe self-isolation for a certain period of time.

Additional information: Amendments to the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 360,  June 9th 2020:  “Epidemiological security measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection”: vestnesis.lv/2021/159.18.