updated 11.06.2020.

The nearly three months of an emergency situation in Latvia is ended.

Although the situation regarding the spread of the virus in Latvia is stable and some of the precautionary measures have been eased with the lifting of the state of emergency, a number of restrictions must still be observed. This is important for keeping the morbidity rate of Covid-19 low and to be able to further ease the restrictions in the coming months. It is also very important for everyone to assess the risks themselves and to take responsibility for their own health and the health of the people around them.

The conditions listed by the Ministry of Health, which must be followed in order to make it difficult to spread the virus, are subject to constant principles – everywhere it is possible to observe a two-metre distance, to wash hands, to stay at home if you have become ill, and to follow informative instructions such as in public places, as well as to comply with the instructions of the particular service provider or measure maker.

updated 11.05.2020.

The emergency situation in Latvia is extended until 9th June

With responsibility for the events and risks currently prevailing in the world in relation TO COVID-19, we declare that the present studies in BA School of Business and Finance are suspended from 12.03.2020 to further information.

From 12th May:

  •  Allow public and private events for up to 25 people; their maximum allowed indoor duration will be three hours; the organizer of the measure must ensure that physical distance is observed and that disinfectants are available to the participants of the measure.
  • From 12th May, the organization of cultural events in both indoor and outdoor areas is also permitted. However, the number of participants must not exceed 25 persons, two meters must be spaced and disinfectants should be available.
  • After 12th May in public transport will have to use face masks or mouth-and-nose covers, like scarfs, etc.
  • Up to 25 people will be able to gather in sports training (information about Sports activities in BA School of Business and Finance will follow).
  • Shopping centers will also be able to work on weekends.
  • The Baltic States will open internal borders for the free movement of citizens from 15th May.
  • An expired identity document could be used for two months after the emergency.


updated 09.04.2020.

BA School of Business of Finance fully switched to distance learning starting March 16th.

 The quarantine in the Republic of Latvia is prolonged until May 12th. BA  School of Business and  Finance studies will continue online until the end of quarantine.

All full- time and exchange students continuing their studies at BA School of Business and Finance.

Full-time and exchange students are highly recommended to follow the latest information  about the study process during quarantine here: https://www.ba.lv/info/stop-covid-19


updated 18.03.2020.

We would like to inform that since March 16 we have fully switched to distance learning and the following tools will be used:

  1. Moodle- for uploading study material, for handing in-home assignments and tests, feedback, as well as for consultancy and forum arrangements;
  2. To inform students about lectures, we will use BA School of Business and Finance email, using Office 363 Outlook for every group, e.g. 2V group;
  3. For individual tasks for students we will use Office 365 One Drive;
  4. For interactive lectures we will use Zoom, before the lecture, the lecturer will send Zoom link. For lectures, you will need a computer with a camera or smartphone.

Libraries and global academic publishers and partners grant access to e-resources

Distance learning classes will be held at the time scheduled in BAIS timetable as it is indicated. The academic will inform each group by e-mail about distance learning activity.

Please continue to follow the information regularly via BA e-mail.



HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Dear BA School of Business and Finance students, employees and partners! Being responsible and in order to avoid risks – we inform that all study process and public events in BA School of Business and Finance are stopped from now 12.03.2020. until 14.04.2020. It includes lectures and other public events.

You are obligated to regularly check your e-mail every day – we will inform you about the following regarding the distance learning study process during this period.

Latvia’s anti-coronavirus regulations updated in English

Updates: https://www.ba.lv/info/stop-covid-19



  1. Entrance in BA School of Business and Finance ONLY with student or employee cards. Guests will be provided with access to the building after prior application.
  2. Entrance in BA School of Business and Finance STUDENT HOTEL guests and visitors IS FORBIDDEN.



Considering the state of emergency issued in Latvia, we inform, that the Library of BA will provide students with books according to special procedures.