#HackTheWaste 2019


Following the invitation of Leuven University (UCLL), eight students from BA School of Business and Finances today will participate at the international project not yet known in Latvia – 24-hour hakaton “Hack The Waste”.

The international innovation hakaton project “Hack The Waste 2019” is an opportunity to work in international and cross-sectoral virtual teams that, within 24 hours, will create new solutions how to reduce environmental pollution and waste management. Hackathon includes generating ideas, developing a new concept and preparing first demo or prototypes so that potential innovative solutions also draw investors’ attention.

Students from Belgium (UCLL), the Netherlands (Fontys), South Africa (ITversity Belgium Campus), Latvia  (BA School of Business and Finances) and DOBA Business School students from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia will look for solutions to the problems in waste management in households, distributing surplus food in restaurants, plastic waste management, etc

Students assignment for the 24hours

  • Design a conceptual model for increasing waste awareness. Prepare a short presentation that explains their model.
  • Create a proof of concept that demonstrates their feasible solution (example Internet of Things, game) to educate the community on conscious waste management. Explain how their proof of concept is going to be effective in educating their target group.
  • Create a marketing campaign for their solution.

Agenda of the hackathon:


Day 1 (May 9th)

19:00 – Kick-off

20:00 – Teambuilding

21:00 – Idea pitching

00:00 – Presentation of Minimum Viable Product

Day2 (May 10th)

9:00 – First Demo Presentation of Product

17:00 – Final presentation

19:00 – Award ceremony



During the hackathon students will be supported and coached by teachers Liga Peiseniece, Maris Krastins, Inga Uvarova and Lilita Sparane (the initiator of the idea to have it in BA), as well as Dagnija Roga, Head of the BA Business incubator.

Eduards Aksjonenko will be a member of the international jury who will evaluate results tomorrow.


Thank you cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA for providing support and food within 24h for participants and also REDBULL for energy supply!


You can follow the activities of the hackathon on social media #hackthewaste.





Let this video to serve as inspiration for hackathon!