Graduate success stories – a new OpenLab online cycle


On March 3, the website of the BA School of Business and Finance OpenLab starts a new cycle of events with the success stories of the graduates’ business development experience and innovation creationALUMNI SUCCESS STORIES. As part of the cycle of events, guest lectures of other successful companies – employers are also planned, whose business experience for current university students can be both attractive for internship planning and inspiring for future business plans. The cycle will continue, inviting more and more new graduates with their success stories. The language of the event is English.

Lilita Sparāne, OpenLab team leader: “These experience stories, successful business events show how great opportunities there are for graduates of the Banking Institution of Higher Education in the future – how to use future knowledge in business, how to use experience gained in in the development of innovations and how personalities emerge – future business leaders in various industries. The international context is very important – to find your place in global competition in the rapidly changing business environment. ”

ALUMNI SUCCESS STORIES cycle events are intended for students, graduates, followers and anyone interested. Follow the OpenLab event plan on the Facebook account of OpenLab and the Banking Institution of Higher Education. A link to each meeting for the Zoom video conference will be published in the regular information material in the list of OpenLab events. For example, Zoom: 

The first Success Story – March 3:
Tomorrow, March 3, the OpenLab ONLINE cycle begins with the story of CastPrint and it`s co-founder Jānis Oliņš’s experience on the way from an auditor to 3D printer-printed fixers instead of a traditional medical plaster in your industry. J.Oliņš will share his experience how he managed from the audit field to jump into medicine and business.

This will be the story of how CastPrint was created, and how is it offers something unprecedented – a 3D printed fixer, made individually for each patient. Event:

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