FREE COURSE in artificial intelligence for everyone


The world’s #1 online computer science course on Artificial Intelligence – Elements of AI*. The course is now available not only in English, but also in Latvian ( It is for free, all you have to do is to sign up. The course covers the basics on AI and consists of 6 modules that take a total of 30 hours on average to finish. You can study it at a pace and time that’s convenient for you. And you don’t need programming skills or previous knowledge about AI. In order to receive a course certificate for Elements of AI you will have to answer 25 questions – some of the test questions, some of them easy type questions. Course especially is recommended for those that are not studying IT, because it will allow you to understand principles, development and real examples in different fields of AI.

After the course, students of BA School of Business and Finance will be able to submit application and certificate to the Study Information department and receive 2CP in elective courses.

The 1% sign-up goal for Elements of AI is across all EU countries, and by 2021 the course will be translated in all EU languages. At the moment there are 500 000 students registered for the course, 25% of them are over 45 years old; 60% men, 40% women; at the University of Helsinki (one of course creators), applications from women for the Computer Science study programmes has increased by 80% in part thanks to this course. The course is already available in the following languages: English, Finish, Swedish, German, Estonian, Norwegian and Latvian.

Elements of AI is a free online course created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. Official partners in Latvia are the IT Education foundation – Start(IT)** and Riga Technical University (you can apply for study credit points if you are studying at RTU, if not you can apply for a Lifelong learning certificate once you have finished Elements of AI course). The Government of Finland is funding adoption and maintenance costs for all EU languages. Language translation has been provided by the European Commission.

*Class Central, April, 2020

**The IT Education foundation was founded in 2015 by Accenture Latvia, Riga Technical University and MAK IT.