Foreigner’s eID card – a new electronic identification tool


Yesterday, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the regulations regarding the issuance of personal identification documents and personal identification documents, in order to facilitate the integration of foreigners into the digital environment of Latvia and to promote the development of economic, scientific, educational and cultural relations in Latvia,  an electronic identification tool – the foreigner’s eID card will be offered to foreigners.

Electronic identity tools embedded in a foreigner’s eID card will enable a chance to freely operate in an electronic environment: use national e-services, use an e-address to ensure communication with national authorities, identify electronically and sign documents, so that a wide range of services provided by the State can be used in general. It will allow you to easily and quickly confirm your identity in the institutions and businesses in Latvia. The benefit of both the foreigner and their servicing institution will be to easier facilitate the verification of the identity of the person in the process of providing services.


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