Erasmus + students develop projects for Greenhouse Apartments


More than 20 Erasmus + students, led by the BA School of Business and Finance guest lecturer Zane Raščevska, attended a course of Project Management. As part of the study course, students were offered the opportunity to analyze the Greenhouse Apartments company and develop projects for them. In early March, students visited the company’s owners in Jūrmala to find out more about the company, the tourism business and Jūrmala. Students worked on different projects in groups and developed interesting and original recommendations. The owners of Greenhouse Apartments expressed surprise at the students’ creativity and interesting ideas in a “Thank-you letter” to students.

According to the guest lecturer Zane Raščevska: “I have to admit with great pleasure and satisfaction that I was also pleasantly surprised and proud of the result and quality of the end.” The Project Canvas method, which quickly and effectively allowed students to define ideas, was used to develop projects. The final result was presented on 3rd April with the help of the Zoom platform.

Guest lecturer Zane Raščevska carries out academic work in BA School of Business and Finance with support of ESF project Nr.