Double diploma master degree program “International Finance and Banking”.


BA School of Business and Finance in cooperation with SBS Swiss Business School offers a unique double diploma master degree program “International Finance and Banking”.

According to Marijana Karanfiloska, MBA, Vice President for Business Development, SBS Swiss Business School, This program is a master program in “International Finance and Banking”, its for people who already started they career in finance and banking sector, who would like to get promotion and make career out of the job and for people who already have started they careers but would like to change on finance and banking.
The study program has introduction courses and after that courses are going more deeper in finance and banking as well.

After studies student receives a double diploma. And the sky is the limit, the world is open these days, degree what comes from BA School of Business and Finance and Swiss Business School helps to make an international career.

Santa Zvejniece, Manager of Assurance, PwC Latvija, Latvian certified tax advisor, Master of “International Finance and Banking” Graduate, informs that during these studies, you gain the most important knowledge like marketing, accounting and finances. She had several colleges who graduated in this study program too. They works in taxes department, advisory, business consultation, there is a slot of  a different options and possibilities in the future what you can do and where you can share your knowledge.

On the question “Why study this program?”, Fredis Bikovs, General Manager at EVRY Latvia, Chairman Of The Board – ABSL Latvia, Double Degree Program Master of International Finance and Banking graduate, answered – when he was looking for school there were many schools with a partnership with international schools. At that point, this was only school who’s partners issuing exactly the same diploma as you would get from them. For him, that was a good quality standard.

If you want to have international education without leaving a country, this is a great opportunity when teachers are flying to Riga to teach you and you can stay in a home and continue your career you don’t have to pause that.

His bachelor degree was in general management, so for the master degree, he wanted something specialized in one of the management fields, so this program was a great combination of in deep finances but the same time having a classical element of BA as general management courses. For potential students he would suggest expecting to invest time, the process will be fun, great people around you, it will be dynamic, and another learning process – a lot of teamwork and lot of different projects that need to be solved. Study program pushes you to develop communication skills.
In a modern world, it becomes more and more important to gain skills, because hard knowledge is something that been appreciated over time.
Degree brings quite a weight range of opportunities for your career and future and prepares you to solve so many different manager problems and you can work in any field you want.