Doctor of Business Administration (PhD)


BA School of Business and Finance and RISEBA University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) and Kaiserslautern of University Applied Sciences (Germany) has an inter-university doctoral study program “Business Administration”.

Andris Sarnovičs, Rector of BA School of Business and Finance, Professor, Director of the joint doctoral study programme “Business Management”, informs that academic staff and professionals are involved in the process of implementing the doctoral study, both from BA School of Business and Finance and RISEBA. The broad range of cooperation allows the graduate master of any university can continue to pursue academic development. In Latvian flow, studies are carried out 2 times a month, at weekends, so that the doctoral students could combine professional activities and studies. For international students in the English flow studies are organized 3 times a year in module sessions. All study time is dedicated to the independent supervised research work in the frame of his dissertation area together with a local university professor. In order to develop a thesis, a doctoral program study course should be undertaken of 32 KP in terms of research-related subsectors of the management science sector. All courses of study, regardless of the subsector selected by the doctoral candidate, where the study or thesis is to be carried out, support is provided in the preparation of ideas, analysis of studies, selection of theoretical material, the subject of the study.

Tatjana Volkova, Professor of BA School of Business and Finance, adds to A. Sarnovičs remarks that the doctoral programme mainly refers to an in-depth understanding of theories, concepts that affect a modern approach to running a company. Doctoral candidates do research in driving sciences, develop unique models, develop theory, new scientific approaches. The duration of the study program is usually 3 years and ends with the defense of the promotion work, sometimes due to the occupation of the doctoral candidate, it can take 4 years. In the 1st year of study is intended for the acquisition of study courses, the refresh of knowledge, then participation in international conferences, developing scientific articles and carrying out of its original study. After graduation students have internationally recognized doctoral degree.

The joint doctoral study programme has historical insights into specific management disciplines: marketing management, strategic management, innovation management and a strong emphasis on research methods, as for developing a new conceptual model in management sciences students need to know statistical methods, data analyses. The program targets researchers, young researchers who want to develop a researcher’s career, work in an academic environment and company executives.

Sarnovičs agrees with T. Volkova opinion, the doctoral candidate is a person who is fully involved in the research. The dissertation developing process has several stages: Scientific Council shall hear a presentation from doctoral candidates about the selected topic. The Doctoral Board shall be responsible for research work. The Promotion Council shall accept the defense of the full doctoral thesis. A scientific supervisor may be a professor from any school – BA School of Business and Finance, RISEBA, SSE Riga as well as of another Latvian or foreign institution of higher education, in order to ensure about the qualification of a scientific supervisor is in the Business management area. Usually, doctoral studies are oriented towards the development of academic staff. in Latvia, one of the most important tasks for doctoral purposes is to build a future academic staff that will replace experienced professors. Not only in Latvia, but the global trend is that doctors choose to work in the industry, in their professional development, because it benefits from developing careers and being very high-skilled. Many doctors continue to work in the industry and willingly combine professional and academic activity, conducting lectures and sharing their experience or participating in research activities.

Elīna Miķelsone, Chair of the Board of the “Institute for Ideas and Innovations”, Idea Fitness Coach, student of the doctoral study programme “Business Administration”, reveals that doctoral studies were the next logical step because she realized that each subsequent level of education seemed more interesting, more educational, cooler. It is a great opportunity to prove herself academically, because doctoral training allows you to focus on only one topic you like. I have the opportunity to read literature on the subject, to meet with experts, to discuss and all doctoral work can be related to that subject, an excellent opportunity to publish in international scientific publications, to participate in international scientific conferences, recording itself as international experts. E. Miķelsone works not only at the “Institute of Ideas and Innovation” but also as a lecturer, hosting a number of academic organizations in Latvia, but with the non-formal education program going to organizations in Latvia and abroad. All her interests are related to the management of ideas, the subject being studied in her doctoral thesis.

As an “ANTALIS” board member, graduate of the master’s “Business Administration” study program, Viktors Turlais believes that doctoral degree changes a person’s personality when it comes to business, driving, development, then it is a structured approach, thinking a way to solve problems. Studies are a big benefit, studies in doctoral level trains to focus and look at things in a structured way.

As one of the greatest benefits of doctoral studies, A. Sarnovičs, T. Volkova, E. Miķelsone and V.Turlais underline that not only the teachers of BA School of Business and Finance or RISEBA can be learned from, but also from doctoral colleagues – people with different competencies, professional, working experience and careers. Meet and share their professional and academic experience in one audience.