Designing a cutting – edge Erasmus Mundus Master’s program


BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia in cooperation with the Brno University of Technology, the Czech Republic, and the University of Gdansk, Poland applied successfully with an excellent project for the European Union co-funding under Erasmus Mundus Design Measures activity to design a new generation Erasmus Mundus Master’s program.

Under the leadership of BA School of Business and Finance a highly experienced international team will focus on Sustainable Management and Business Analytics to address the issues of sustainable management and digital data analysis.

The project lasts fifteen months and will result in a jointly designed Master’s program. To ensure that a new generation Erasmus Mundus Master’s program is recognized nationally and internationally, as well as to ensure the promotion activities for student attraction, staff capacity building, additional institutional and national funding is expected.

Dr.Liga Peiseniece, rector of BA School of Business and Finance highlights that the dynamics of current changes in the society and business requires agile response to labour market demands which in turn means to equip students with modern skills including data- related skills such as data analysis to ensure sustainability in all business sectors. A new Master’s program will address the challenges and embrace digitalization so that university graduates become a strong driving force in the society.

The envisaged impact is to attract talented students worldwide, to foster excellence and internationalization in the European Higher Education Area.

Project No. 101127176 — SuMBA — ERASMUS-EDU-2023-EMJM-DESIGN co-funded by European Union.