Contribution of Secondary School to the development of business capacity has been evaluated


This is the 13th year when BA School’s of Business and Finance Student Council organizes one of the largest business-starting contests Business24h. During the particularly challenging circumstances, participants analyzed the company’s TET situation, prepared real-business product-directing tunnels in the online environment and conducted their first business sales.


Schools have assessed this BA School’s of Business and Finance contest as an excellent opportunity to develop student entrepreneurship and motivate students to participate in Bizness24h. For example, Riga State gymnasium No.3 has been the boldest and has offered several classes each year to participate in the competition.

This year for the first time BA School’s of Business and Finance created a ranking of educational institutions participating in the competition Biznes24h, reflecting secondary-school or secondary-school support for the development of youth entrepreneurship. As an inspiration, the school encourages and helps students to advance their entrepreneurial capacity and to become more targeted.

This rating of BA School of Business and Finance for the assessment of educational institutions was developed in terms of both the number of participants of the secondary school and the achievements of pupils or students in the overall contest.

The best results in the rating developed by BA School’s of Business and Finance, which confirms the support for and promotion of the entrepreneurial capacity of pupils, have been for: Agenskalna State Gymnasium (169 participants), Riga State gymnasium Nr.3 (163 participants), Riga State gymnasium No.1 (55 participants), Talsu Secondary School No. 2 (48 members), BA School’s of Business and Finance (29 members), Riga State German Gymnasium (32 members), Andreja Upisa Skriveru Secondary School (6 participants), University of Latvia (8 participants), Vidzeme Secondary School (3 members) and Vilaka State gymnasium (15 members). These are the 10 most successful Secondary Schools in support of entrepreneurial capacity – schools that inspire and encourage to be enterprising and persistent in building their careers!

Thanks to all the secondary schools that supported the participation of pupils and students in the competition!

See you in the next contest in 2022!