Beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year already on September 1


Academic year of 2020/2021 in BA School of Business and Finance will start on September 1 with face-to-face classes plus hybrid method.

In order to ensure safety due to the possible threat of COVID 19, BA will take several safety measures:

  1. The start of the lessons will be planned at different times.
  2. Classes will be organized separately for certain groups.
  3. Hybrid studies will be gradually introduced into the university, which will provide students with the opportunity to attend full-time studies, as well as in case of illness or self-isolation to participate in this lesson remotely.
  4. Students, lecturers and staff will be informed about actions in cases of self-isolation and illness.
  5. Regular ventilation of the premises will be ensured.
  6. More frequent cleaning of auditoriums and common areas will be ensured.
  7. The availability of disinfectants in various premises and corridors of the University will be ensured.

The list of classes will be available on August 25, 2020 in the information system of the BA Schoold of Business and Finance.