BASP Board elections 2020


BA Student!

Make a choice and vote for the next Student Council board members of the new academic year!

Not only does the Student Council of BA School of Business and Finance (BASP) make our students’ life more colorful with different activities and events, but they also engage in different academic questions.

Choose 15 among the 20 candidates, that you see best fit to represent BA School of Business and Finance student interests while taking part in the Student Council.

From the 20 existing candidates, you can select and vote for up to 15 students you want to see in the BASP board next year. With the specific “OpaVote Voting Link” in your BA Shcool of Business and Finance e-mail, you will be able to vote ONLY once, so choose carefully!

Kristafers Zeiļuks

Salute, comrades! I would describe myself as a determined, lively, smile-and-confidence-saturated, versatile patriot of this school. When I get involved, I am sure that I will be delighted and unsavory to present my time in order to participate in the representation of the student’s opinion, both in and outside the university, and to have a decent party in the meantime.

I think that work WILL certainly benefit from the lessons learned from the past, leading teams of different sizes, organizing a national and international event, representing views at both national and international level. And most importantly, I am not sorry to share this experience so that together we can improve our lives in school and carry its name in the world.  Till a meeting in BA hallways (as soon as possible)!

Arta Roderte

I’m a freshman 1st-year student at BA School of Business and Finance. I’m a responsible and serious team member and a trusted interloper. I would like to be involved in the action of the BASP, because I worked in the part of the public relations of this school year as an activist, attracting sponsorships to various events. I realized I wanted to be part of the BASP. It is an opportunity to help improve students’ daily lives and gain unique experience.


Laura Bizūne

I’m a freshman 1st-year student in BA School of Business and Finance, I’m studying in the Risk Management and Insurance Program.

I knew at once that I wanted to be one-off them. It also became activists on the project part, but I would like to continue my path and growth.

I am very fond of organizing and building the content of various events, developing existing cooperation and developing new ones with other university authorities, businesses and organizations.

I would like to represent the views of other students so that our student life brings not only new knowledge, but also real pleasure in sharing events and new friends who will remain after graduation.

I am not afraid to express my opinion and justify it. I am very positive, resolute and creative, always trying to engage actively in the process of taking action and not to say “no” to new challenges!


Adrija Masule

Before I started my studies at BA School of Business and Finance, I knew I would like to be part of the BASP team. As part of this academic year, I worked as an activist on the part of Public Relations.

I’m an active and responsive student with a high sense of responsibility. I have done all the planned work to the end, because I am very motivated to achieve a good result for everyone to benefit.

Every moment spent in the BASP session or in the organization of events has been full of fun, and I, therefore, do not regret any hours spent together in the school rooms to create a pleasant, dynamic and unifying atmosphere in the learning environment. The positive feelings and feedback that have been made after the work have been done always make you not give up and climb higher.

Therefore, I have decided next year to be part of the fancy BASP team, to share my experience and ideas in the future.


Santa Brice

Although I am quiet and introverted by nature, I gladly accept new life challenges, and one of them was an engagement that opened the door to a whole different world in BA School of Business and Finance.

I have spent this year as an activist, engaging in and contributing to both the activities and ensuring each session with a detailed protocol.

I am buoyant, determined and targeted, so I believe that BASP is the right place where I can gain new experience, develop myself and achieve new goals.

Alise Dreimane

I’m conscious, neat, and I always finish what I’ve started. I like to visit different events and get to know young people. It is important for me to spend my spare time, so I am happy to be involved in the Student Council. It’s a place where good ideas become a reality.



Līga Priedīte

For the last 3 years, the BASP has formed an important part of my life, so I would also like to be involved in this organization next year.

I have previously worked in different BASP departments and I have understood the importance of each step in the operation of this organization. It is work in the Student Council that has enabled me to develop a variety of skills, acquire a unique experience, expand my vision and get to know great people I can call my friends.

For work in Student Council next year, I would like to make use of the experience that has been accumulated so far in order to promote the well-being and representing the interests of students of BA School of Business and Finance and to acquire further knowledge arising from the work of Student Council. I mean, I’m targeted and determined, because I take on what others don’t like. In different situations, I shall hear all the parties and opinions involved in order to make decisions responsibly. Although I have an extremely serious eye, I can most often be seen laughing.


Ints Mančass

I’m the same man as others, no less. Life has led me through experience-gathering places. From the activities of the Student Council at the school level, the youth council of Limbažu district, voluntary work to the first course of BA School of Business and Finance and BASP as an activist this year.

Centennial, ambition, growth — three words that briefly and specifically describe me. These words are supported by growth evenings, seminars such as “KRS?” or “Who cares about the student?” and a desire to develop, develop themselves. I don’t stop at what I’m doing, and I finish it. I like helping people around, giving after advice or providing just a helping hand in trouble.

Personally, I no longer have any questions about why I want to be involved, because the Student Council is a day-to-day task but at the same time a job and a duty. I can see BASP as a perfect platform for helping students in school to represent their interests. Through simplicity, I can say – I care about a student!


Kārena Karlīna Danenberga

I am a 2nd year student who has been actively involved in the activities of the BASP for the second year, organizing a variety of university events and carrying out planned projects.

I have decided not to leave this friendly and active collective that helps me to take my breath out of everyday rush and do things that make me feel alive.

I am aware of my and my collective capacity as a whole, so I know that there are so many things that we all together are able to improve, implement, implement and restore.

As head of the Project Part, I have developed qualities that I have long sought to cultivate, have met a lot of young people, gained tremendous experience and acquired new skills. But most importantly, the BASP helps me fill my dreams, so I want to continue with it next year.


Nadina Krastiņa

I started my studies at BA School of Business and Finance this year, and I tried my forces on the part of the BASP projects as an activist from the autumn. In this short period of time, I have realized that this is the right place for me. By nature, I am an active and communicant student who likes both to attend events and to help in their organizing and building processes. I’m prepared to be a part of the BASP team and do everything in my power to improve student time beyond the lecture schedule!


Everita Lempa

Describing myself with only one word would surely say I was enthusiastic. If I have really been interested, I am able to fully indulge in it and achieve the goal. For almost a whole year now, I’ve been fascinated by one great adventure – BASP.

Each event, event and decision made it necessary to improve itself, to learn something new, to acquire new experience and collaborative skills.

I would like to be part of an active group of young people who promote cooperation between students and university leadership and innovate in the lives of students in BA School of Business and Finance.

Eva Ūdele

I have recently joined a regiment of leaders, and as the first course approaches the end, I have realized that BA School of Business and Finance has been the right choice.

Seeing BASP activity and attending events, there was a desire to be part of it. For me, an attractive, creative, adventurous soul, this challenge would be just in time to continue my personal growth. I’ve actively started collecting karma dots by filling out surveys, but I’d like to do more for school.

Gustavs Edvards Ķēniņš

Open and almost always positive, with a strong opinion, but willingly I hear and try to understand other people’s views on the most diverse things about our lives, development, and the desire to be happy about the choices we have made.

I would like to continue my work on improving the quality of BASP and student education. My experience in Student Council has benefited me greatly, both in my development and in my skills to work with other students and all workers. The opportunity to express my views and to help others express themselves has become an integral part of my experience in the study process, and it is pleased to continue in the course of the next year.


Antons Kudrjajevs

I’m a nice and friendly man. I can easily work with different people. I want to be involved, because I have been an activist from the beginning of my studies, participated in the development of a variety of events. Willingly engaged in BASP activity more actively!



Ieva Lukina

I’m a student of the course 3 double diploma program. I previously headed Culture Exchange Programmme in LU and in recent months I have been engaged in BASP work. For several years, activities to attract foreign students and promote cultural exchanges between Latvian and foreign students have been organized in many Latvian universities. I would like to play an active role in promoting international direction and related activities in our university, including through the experience gained from participating in the Erasmus + project and becoming an international student myself for a half-year period, as well as the skills acquired through the Culture Exchange Programme for a half-year period.

Armands Štāls

Last year I started as an activist in BASP, and during this year I have had the opportunity to help organize events, participate in sponsorship and enjoy the atmosphere of student self-government.

Being in this great company, I have realized that I want to engage in processes with both hands, doing more and getting new experience.


Lāsma Zaķe

I am a 2nd-year student and I represent the businessmen of BA School of Business and Finance, people who are prepared and able to take on more than others.

I have been working for two years, the first year as an activist, but this year as a member of the Financial and Records Division. Although my main responsibility was to look after the financial implications and document management, I was also actively involved in organizing events for students of BA School of Business and Finance.

I would also like to continue extending my vision, gaining new experience and continuing to work in the BASP of collective action in the next academic year.

Kintija Damba

I am an energetic and active freshman 1st-year student who wants to improve and challenge her daily life. By acting as an activist, I have acquired new skills to attract sponsorships and have felt the importance of teamwork to achieve their goals. By nature, I have great curiosity and enjoyed creating creative ideas with colleagues who can be successfully applied to BASP.

I want to take advantage of the opportunities provided and maximize my and other students’ experience in school, so I believe that BASP is the right place to realize it.

Elīna Peiseniece

I am a 3rd-year student of the Bachelor’s “Business Administration”, with great vigor and energy, indulges in what is close to her heart. For the last 2 years, I have invested in energy, working on the part of the BASP projects and helping to implement the various measures. Action in BASP and other social projects has provided a lot of valuable training and I, therefore, want to spend my last year in BA School of Business and Finance in full, both by providing my experience back to university and by gaining new and useful knowledge for myself.

Diāna Galūzo

Hey! For two years, with a smile on my face, I’ve been going to BASP board meetings to make the most important decisions. I had a great opportunity to be part of the board’s composition on the internal and external communications part. While operating on this part, I was a step from a bridge that connects the BASP participants’ events ideas with YOU, students.

Any kind of informative visual materials, photographs that are today the most important instrument for information sharing, is the result of my interaction between creative ideas and hand agility. My goal is to keep going and open the door for a new one. Till the next meeting!