BA School of Business and Finance – a lifelong learning organization


In order to strengthen knowledge and leadership skills, academic staff of BA School of Business and Finance participated in a two-day training event “Development of leadership skills” during 27.08. – 28.08.2019.

Rector Andris Sarnovičs: “Strong organization always grows because of uniting teamwork, professional effort and non-stopping learning ability in order to reach the tasks and goals”.

Academic staff members discussed, did practical tasks and listened to presentations of experts about the role of a leader, how to reach the goals within a complex environment and circumstances. Debated about expectations from a leader, the latest learning methods of organizational advancement and how to go along with the digital transformation.

Seminar and activities were lead by Anita Gaile, Miķelis Bendiks, Ilze Saleniece and Aija Freimane.

The seminar is one of the activities within project Nr. “Support to Strengthen the Capacity of Academic Staff of BA School of Business and Finance”.