At Hakcathon Hack The Office, we are looking for sustainable office visions


From April 15 to 16, another 24-hour hackathon “Sustainable Office and Future Jobs” took place online. 63 students from 11 countries and 12 universities participated in this international hackathon “Hack The Office” organized by the Banking Institution of Higher Education and partners. The BA School of Business and Finance was represented by 9 students in different teams.

International student teams sought solutions to improve the future work environment and developed projects on the following topics:

Personal health and well-being” – Social distancing creates various new problems and opportunities. How can we acquire, maintain and support the development of emotional intelligence and social competence in the workplace?

Models and technologies for intercultural behavior” – Digitizing the workplace of the future – is it always a question of efficiency and effectiveness? How can systems affect collaboration in virtual groups?

New working methods” – What will be the role of virtual / physical / hybrid meetings in the future?

The aim of the project was to recommend a potentially efficient, sustainable and productive office and workplace, which can be both a physical space / space and a virtual space. Irīna Kukliča, the project manager of the BA School of Business and Finance on mobility issues, the director of the professional bachelor’s study program “Business Process Management” Lilita Sparāne and the coordinator of this program Māra Strokša participated in Hakaton.

Irīna Kukliča, the BA School of Business and Finance project manager on mobility issues:Modern studies also mean cooperation with students from other countries of the world. To make it as successful as possible, it is important to get to know yourself and gain an understanding of how people from different countries and cultures can think, act and communicate. Being aware of this makes it easier to interact with other people and to deal with the complex situations that are part of our daily lives. ”

The student teams worked in three directions of ideas, and a mentor jury determined one winner in each direction. The winners of this hackaton are the following teams:

 “Cereal Readers”         “Racing Pigeons”            “Sustainable Logic”

CONGRATULATIONS to the representatives of the BA School of Business and Finance in the winning teams – Marija Magdalen Lesnevska (“Cereal Readers”) and Dēvids Kropačovs (“Racing Pigeons”) and we are proud of all the representatives of the University in this hackathon:

All participants: Latvia – the BA School of Business and Finance, represented by 9 students:

Raul Dzerelis, Emīls Tomass Krišbaums, Leons Ālītis, Jurģis Šahno, Everita Vecberza, Marija Magdalena Lesnevska, Darya Goloburda, Devid Kropacovs and Jamil Abbasov;

Austria – FH Joanneum, Colombia – Universidade de Ibague;

Czech Republic – Brno University of Technology;

Germany – TH Brandenburg;

Greece – International Hellenic University;

The Netherlands – Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen;

Poland – University of Economics in Katowice;

Spain – Universitat de Girona;

Switzerland – Malardelen University;

United States – Malloy College and Texas State University


Hack the Office was an opportunity to test ESF project no. The new study program implementation methods developed within the framework of, as well as the participation of the lecturers of the BA School of Business and Finance in the hackaton were supported by the EU Erasmus + program.

*Development and approbation of the study program “Business Process Management” is co-financed by ESF project No. / 18 / A / 008.