Associate Professor Dr. Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa starts work


The circle of  academic staff of BA School of Business and Finance has grown as on September 21st a new Associate Professor, Dr. Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa, has been elected by the Council of Professors. Congratulations on the new position in the BA School of Business and Finance and we’re wishing good luck at the new position and future work!

Dr. Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa is Expert of the Latvian Council of Science Social Sciences – Economics and Entrepreneurship and is the Head of Environmental Quality and Waste Management Division at Ministry of environmental protection and regional development.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa: 

“The interaction between the modern world’s economy and societal development, trends show that society’s sustainability and environmental issues can no longer be addressed in isolation from economic development. Education is therefore currently playing a key role in ensuring that this paradigm is changed and that young entrepreneurs should be given an awareness of how to ensure the most efficient implementation of the circular economy in their business.”

Since 2013 Dr. N. Cudečka- Puriņa is guest lecturer at BA School of Business and Finance in study courses – Environmental management, civil defence and labor protection Economics, environment and sustainable development. 

Dr. N. Cudečka-Puriņa is also a docent at University of Liepaja at Faculty of Natural and Engineering Sciences with studyu course Eco-design and Circular Economy. Assoc. Prof. has graduated BA School of Business and Finance programme Business Administration, she studied also at RISEBA and University of Salford in the United Kingdom. Her Doctoral degree recieved at the BA School of Business and Finance with Doctoral thesis “Ensuring municipal waste management sustainability by administration of landfill management companies”. Now Assoc. Prof. is reading Green Economics and Sustainability study course for latvian students as well as ERASMUS+ students at BA School of Business and Finance.