Assistant professor Dr. Lauma Muižniece starts work


The circle of  academic staff of BA School of Business and Finance keeps on growing! Welcome to our newest assistant professor in management department – Dr. Lauma Muižniece.  Good luck in the future works!

Dr. Lauma Mužniece has worked in the Technology Department of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) starting 2017 as a leading expert, head of the department and other positions, but currently as director of the Technology Department of LIAA . The specialty of Dr. L.Muižnieces is technology transfer, commercialization of science and intellectual property management. PhD obtained in the field of Technology Management at Tallinn University of Technology, defending the promotion work “Small States and Knowledge Governance: The Case of Latvia”.

Dr. Lauma Muižniece: 

“Continuous progress towards a knowledge society and a knowledge-based economy is an essential element of growth. Cooperation between companies and research organisations is also playing an increasingly important role, not only in creating new science-based products and technologies, but in sharing large-scale socio-economic challenges. It is therefore very important to talk about the possibilities of cooperation between the different sectors and what can be its contribution to the development of the economy.”

In BA School of Business and Finance Dr. L. Muižniece has been working as a guest lecturer since 2012, reading the study courses “Business ethics and sustainability”, “Innovations and creativity”, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics” and “Innovative Process management”. This semester the assistant professor will read the study courses “Innovations and creativity” and “Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics”.