A new direction for OpenLab online lectures – opportunities and risks of hackathons


Continuing the cycle of guest lectures of the BA School of Business and Finance OpenLab, on March 18 at 18:00 Kārlis Skuja, the leader of the innovation community WindHackers, will share his knowledge and experience in a guest lecture – “Hackathon – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! How hackathon could change your life?

The language of the event is English.

More about the process: https://www.facebook.com/events/2975486716055728

During the guest lecture it will be possible to learn – why participate in a hackathon, how to prepare for it, what to do and what not to do during a hackathon, and finally – what happens after getting involved in a hackathon? It will be possible to get answers to these and other questions, as well as to find out about future business idea hackathons at the BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia and the world, where young enterprising and rich students will be able to test themselves and their business plan.

Every BA School of Business and Finance student and other interested people have the opportunity to follow the BA OpenLab public page in the FACEBOOK network “BA School fo Business and Finance – OpenLab” and be a part of this discussion and idea site by participating in various events and guest lectures, which will be joined by OpenLab Talks.

In the future, OpenLab activities will include regular meetings with the BA School of Business and Finance graduates and insight into their business success stories (in the cycle – ALUMNI SUCCESS STORIES), as well as the opportunity to hear growth stories of other business personalities, creative thinking experiences, as well as financial market issues and global economic transformations. trends.

OpenLab BA School of Business and Finance is a site where students and other innovative people associated with the university meet in brainstorms, discussions, dinners, seminars and creative workshops to generate new ideas and bring them to life. Students are given the opportunity to work in a joint project team, develop their innovative ideas and take the first steps in their implementation, attracting partners and funding. Sometimes ideas arise during an exchange of ideas or hackathons, sometimes already during the study course.

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