19 ERASMUS+ students start their studies this year at BA School of Business and Finance


ERASMUS+ student exchange program at BA School of Business and Finance continues to work in spite of the pandemic and its limitations. In this academic year 2021/2022 during the pandemic many young people want to study and explore other countries and universities.

19 young students from 10 countries of the world from THE ERASMUS+ International Student Exchange programme have confirmed their interest in BA School of Business and Finance. In the autumn semester, 17 young people from the European Union and two students from further countries, Turkey and Kazakhstan, are expected to start their studies in BASBF.  Together, 10 countries are represented in THE ERASMUS+ programme in BASBF: Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Belgium and Kazakhstan. This year, all exchange students have chosen to join the “Business Process Management” programme under the leadership of the director Lilita Sparāne.

A formal event for ERASMUS+ exchange students and a meeting with the Rector of the BA School of Business and Finance, Dr Līga Peiseniece took place on  September 1st, to which the majority of students had arrived, some of whom still follow the self-isolation regime according to the national arrangements.

Irīna Kukliča, Project manager of Mobility of BA School of Business and Finance: 

“This active involvement of students in THE ERASMUS+ exchange programme is very important for us, as it is ensuring the internationalisation of BA School of Business and Finance. Study process gains new formats and a new breath of the World –  when Latvian students and a significant number of foreign students work together in one programme, as is the case this year. The BA School of Business and Finance is truly pleased that the Erasmus student exchange programme has not stopped at any time, not even during the strictest months of the pandemic nor now that we can resume our studies in person.”

We asked some of the new foreign students in the ERASMUS+ exchange programme about their choice – how has it been affected by the constraints of the pandemic; what are the first impressions of our country?

Luke Hoogmoed, Netherlands:

“I’ve arrived on Saturday and already have been out to explore the city. So far I’ve been to the old town and it’s totally different to what I’m used to. There are cafes and pubs on every corner. Even though Latvia wasn’t my first choice, I am pretty glad that I came to Latvia, I am more of a city guy. First of all, I felt trapped in Netherlands because of Covid and I chose Latvia because I don’t know anything about this country, only its history and the name of the capital. Studying here in Erasmus exchange program meant to step out of my comfort zone and Pandemic was absolutely not a reason to not do this, fully vaccinated and have nothing to be scared of! I even started to learn latvian but gave a really quickly because I realised that it’s not gonna work. I know the basic “Labdien”, “Lūdzu”, “Paldies”. I definitely want to explore more the city of Riga, the local market and more of Latvia!”

Jalees Malik, Germany:

“I chose to study in Riga because no one from my family or friend groups come from the Baltic states, so one of the top things I’d love to do while I am here is to see the Baltic states, take weekend trips and learn about the culture because it is now an independent country. My study mates in Germany chose to do ERASMUS+ programme in the most popular countries in my university, like Spain and Sweden. I decided I wanted to get to know this region of the world. I’ve been here for 3 days now,– as for the first impressions – I’ve walked through the Riga centre and I think it is a really nice city. You can’t see every part of the city in pictures you find on the internet and I think it’s great because Riga looks way better in life than in photographs, but it does look a bit similar to my hometown in Germany.”

Danny Mikkers, Netherlands:

“I live in Rotterdam by myself and now in the dormitories I share an 8 square meter room with Marco from Italy and it already is a big change. Riga was one of my choices because it is not a common holiday destination and I wanted to experience something a bit rough and step out of my comfort zone and it is already working. The people here are very different. In Netherlands if you walk across the street and someone looks at you, you at atleast nodd or mostly say “Hi”. If you do that here it is pretty weird, so you need to adapt. I’ve been here for 10 days and after day 5 I already felt really reaxed with not greeting people on the street. It’s pretty relaxing ’cause you don’t have to do anything. While in Latvia I want to travel to other Baltic countries, definitely see Jurmala and Sigulda where there is a lot of nature.”

Students from the BASBF will also participate in ERASMUS+ exchanges in the autumn semester and the admissions will be open soon – at the end of September.  To APPLY for ERASMUS+ for the spring semester of 2022 read more here: ba.lv/informacija/pieteikties-erasmus/.