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European Credit Transfer System – ECTS

BA School of Business and Finance has received the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) mark of recognition awarded by the European Commission (EC), which confirms that the university implements study programs based on knowledge, skills and competencies. The mark of recognition is a confirmation that ECTS is actually used in the study process and that the study programs are mutually comparable with the study programs of other countries.

At BA School of Business and Finance all study programs have a formulated goal and achievable study results, so when choosing a study program, a student can evaluate both the study process and the advantages of the specific study program and the range of study programs offered by other universities. Also, the students of BA School of Business and Finance have access to comprehensive information and have a clear understanding of the qualifications to be obtained and job opportunities after graduating from the study program.

The ECTS catalogue facilitates the exchange of information about the study programs implemented at the university for students both in their own country and in any other country, as it is possible to obtain comprehensive information about the implemented study programs and their content in one place. Course descriptions and other information are available. The catalog is an important tool for the academic and administrative staff of the university, and it also informs the public about the implemented study programs and competencies acquired by graduates of the BA School of Business and Finance.

The ECTS catalogue contains information in 3 sections – the university, study programs and basic information for the student (accommodation, meals, travel costs, financial support for the student, medical services in the country, extracurricular activities, student exchange programs at the specific university, etc.).

The EC mark of recognition is awarded to those European higher education institutions that demonstrate excellence in the use and application of ECTS and Diploma Supplements (DS). Every year, the EC announces a competition in which it is determined what requirements must be met and what documents must be submitted in order to obtain an ECTS or DS recognition mark. All lists of approved applications are available on the website of the executive agency of the European Commission.

BA School of Business and Finance is the first university in Latvia to be awarded the prestigious European credit transfer system award. In 2013, 47 universities from all European Union countries applied for the award, but 25 universities won it.

Name and address of the institution:

BA School of Business and Finance

  1. Valdemara Street 161 (legal address) and Skanstes Street 63, LV-1013, Riga, Latvia;

Phone: +371 67360133

Fax: +371 67320620

E-mail:  info@ba.lv

Website: www.ba.lv

The organizational structure of the university:

Structure of the BA School of Business and Finance

Universitys’ management:

Liga Peiseniece, rector

Phone: +371 67509253

e-mail: liga.peiseniece@ba.lv

Biruta Dzerve, vice-rector of studies and science

Phone: +371 67322615

e-mail:  biruta.dzerve@ba.lv

To contact representatives of the university’s academic and general staff, look for information in the contact section of the university’s website.

General characteristics of the institution:

The mission of the BA School of Business and Finance is to provide excellent financial and business education to dedicated individuals. The high reputation of the university is ensured by high-quality studies, research and international cooperation, professional and creative staff, achievements of students and graduates, and close cooperation with the financial and business world.

BA School of Business and Finance is a state-founded higher education institution that has been operating in the field of higher education for more than twenty years. BA School of Business and Finance was founded in 1997 on the basis of Latvian Banking College (LBK) and Latvian Banking Academy (LBA). LBK was founded in June 1992, and received a license on January 3, 1996, with the right to start the implementation of university study programs at the Latvian Banking Academy. BA School of Business and Finance is the successor of the rights, duties, obligations, archive, movable property and intellectual property of the structural unit of the Bank of Latvia – the College of Banks of Latvia.

BA School of Business and Finance operates in accordance with the regulatory enactments governing higher education and scientific activities, as well as the Constitution of the University. The university is a derivative public entity under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science.

BA School of Business and Finance implements a total of 13 accredited professional higher education study programs at all study levels. Two study programs at the bachelor’s level, three programs at the master’s level and one program at the doctoral level are implemented in English, and one study program at both bachelor’s and master’s levels is implemented in cooperation with the Swiss Business School (SBS Swiss Business School). The university provides competency-based studies based on a strong connection with the real business environment. Domestic and foreign partners are involved in the implementation of study programs and the offering of joint double diplomas, thereby increasing the quality of study programs and the recognition of the university. Professional practice is an integral part of the study process, as well as international study and practice opportunities, are available to every student. The University issues state-recognized diplomas to persons who have completed study programs of the University, while certificates are issued to persons who have completed further education programs.

In addition to the implementation of study programs, the BA School of Business and Finance is also engaged in scientific and research activities, as well as the implementation of continuing education programs. Scientific research is an integral part of the university’s work and all academic staff participate in it. Its purpose is the acquisition of scientific knowledge, scientific substantiation and further improvement of studies, solving current tasks with research methods;

In the 2022/2023 academic year, approximately 1,500 students study at the BA School of Business and Finance. At the university, the study process is implemented by 38 employees elected to academic positions and more than 70 guest lecturers. The study process is organized and 57 representatives of the general staff work in the administration of the university, among whom there are also employees who combine administrative duties with academic work. 19 representatives of the economic staff take care of the maintenance of the university’s infrastructure.

The BA School of Business and Finances’ Business and Finance Research Center and the BA School of Business and Finances’ Fund are also operational. University students work in the BA School of Business and Finance student self-government, while graduates work in the self-founded “BA School of Business and Finance Alumni Association”.

More information about the university is available here.

Detailed information on admission conditions can be found on this website under the description of each study program.

Offer of higher education programs:

Bachelor study programs of professional higher education:

Master’s study programs of professional higher education:

Interuniversity doctoral study program:

  • Business Management

Registration for undergraduate studies:

Candidates for studies at the BA School of Business and Finance in the professional bachelor’s study programs can apply using the unified electronic application system, while in the master’s study programs – using the BA School of Business and Finances’ admission portal. Instructions can be found here.

For more information click here

Accommodation options and costs:

BA School of Business and Finance offers its students accommodation in the BA Business and Finances’ Student Hotel, which is located there even on the top four floors of the university building.

Dining options:

Food in Latvia is delicious and healthy. Both in cities and in castles and manors, there are high-class restaurants, where talented chefs bring to the table the goodies of the current season – mushrooms in the fall, vegetables and berries in the summer. In taverns on the shores of the Baltic Sea, you can feast on smoked fish. Old Latvian cuisine is still praised in the regions – Vidzeme scones and hemp butter, Kurzeme sklandrausi and bukstinputra, Zemgale sourdough and karasha, Latgale kłockas, potato pancakes and other wonders. Nowadays, the menu in Latvia is also enriched by the cuisines of other nations. Here you can enjoy fiery Uzbek pilaf, Armenian-style shashlik, Japanese sushi and Italian ravioli.

Near the BA School of Business and Finance there is a RIMI hypermarket, restaurant “Vairāk Saules”, bistro “Mr Bobs”, ” Labās pusdienas “, “Hospitaļu Ezītis Miglā”, “Sushibrothers.lv” and “Terra”, where it is possible to dine in or take food away.

Transport and telephone costs:

Monthly ticket price for one transport: 10.00 Eur

Monthly ticket price for all transports: 16.00 Eur

Approximate cost of mobile phone per month: 15.90 Eur

Medical institutions in the vicinity of the university:

Near the BA School of Business and Finance, Duntes Street 22, there is a Traumatology and Orthopedics Hospital. The Traumatology and Orthopedics Hospital provides highly qualified healthcare services – specialized traumatological-orthopaedic assistance. Prices for hospital services can be viewed on the institution’s website. Driving along K. Valdemāra Street towards the centre of Riga, Riga 1st Hospital is located at Bruninieku Street 5. Riga Hospital No. 1 is a wide-profile outpatient medical institution with a large day hospital staffed by highly qualified specialists from various fields. The 1st Riga Hospital has extensive modern diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation options both in the polyclinic and in the day hospital. Prices for hospital services can be viewed on the institution’s website. The 24-hour dental clinic “DENTA” is located a little further from the centre of Riga at 230 Brīvības gatve. “DENTA” is a 24-hour dental clinic that provides Latvian residents with a wide range of dental services. In the office of the clinic night point, it is possible to receive acute help even at night, on weekends and on holidays. There is also a pharmacy across the street in the “Rimi Hipermárkets” supermarket at K. Valdemāra street 112. Driving towards the Traumatology and Orthopedic Hospital, you can find the shopping centre “Sky & More”, where, in addition to various clothing, beauty and food stores, you can also find another pharmacy “Saules aptieka”.

Opportunities for students with special needs:

Funding is currently being sought to provide ramps for students with mobility impairments, in the case of other health disorders, opportunities to provide studies are being considered individually.


If you are going on a short trip to another EU member state – on holiday, business trip or study trip – you should take out the European Health Insurance Card from your national health insurance. The European Health Insurance Card confirms your right to health care. It is physical proof that you are insured in an EU country. If you unexpectedly fall ill during a temporary stay abroad, the European Health Insurance Card gives you the same right to treatment in the national healthcare system as people insured in the country where you are staying at the time. So you can go to your local doctor without worry.

Study information part:

BA School of Business and Finance operates the Study Information Department (SID). The Information Center operates 12 hours a day on the first floor of the university building, which provides information about the course of the study process, and ensures the acceptance of applications, individual protocols, certificates, etc. issuance of documents. On the second floor of the building, the employees of the Study Information Department provide information about the decisions of the Study Committee meetings, student progress, study fees, study loans, etc. questions about the progress of the study process.

Study resources:

BA School of Business and Finance has an accessible library and reading room, their task is to provide BA School of Business and Finances’ academic forces and students with the necessary study and research literature and databases and rooms for independent work.

For learning the study course, the student is provided with technically prepared computers equipped with the necessary computer programs, which are located in three computer classrooms and the reading room of the BA School of Business and Finance.

Practical information about international study and practice mobility opportunities at the university:

In order to promote the inclusion of BA School of Business and Finance students in the international environment, which is an essential prerequisite for the improvement of professional competencies and skills, as well as for ensuring effective competitiveness, students are offered study and internship opportunities in partner universities and companies abroad. BA School of Business and Finance has concluded more than 120 international cooperation agreements with partner universities in 35 countries.


The BA School of Business and Finance operates a Career Center that organizes internships for students and provides them with internships. Students can receive career counselling at the Career Center, thus planning and building their careers. BA School of Business and Finance has concluded long-term cooperation agreements with many companies and organizations. A “Career Day” event is organized every year, where students meet with employers.

The BA School of Business and Finance offers its students to attend basketball and football classes, which take place in the university building at K. Valdemāra Street 163. On the second floor of the university building at K. Valdemāra Street 161, there is a weight room that can be used without time limits. Not far from the university, on Grostonas Street 6b, there is the Olympic Sports Center, which offers ample opportunities for sports.

The “Monēta” choir operates at the university, which is rightly called the singing business card of the university. Students and their friends, graduates and employees of the university participate in the choir.

The Student Council of the BA School of Business and Finance (BASP) is active throughout the year, organizing various extracurricular events, and balls and creating a dialogue between students and the management of the university.

Student associations

The Student Council of the BA School of Business and Finance (BASP) is self-government elected by the students of the Banking University, whose task is to represent students in the decision-making bodies of the university, maintain student dialogue with the university administration and organize students’ life outside of studies.

The Latvian Student Union (LSU) represents the interests of all students in Latvia on a national and international scale. This organization is an important partner of higher education policymakers in issues affecting students.

Programs offered

A list of programs offered

The short cycle professional higher education programs:

Professional Bachelor’s degree programs:

Professional Master’s degree programs:

Professional Doctoral degree program:

General information for students

Cost of living in Riga

Accommodation: 100 -150 EUR per month

Food and drinks: 80 – 100 EUR per month

Public transport per month: ~25 EUR

More information about living in Latvia: www.studyinlatvia.eu/en/living-in-latvia

On  premise accommodation

BA School of Business and Finance has hostel premises within the campus.  Students have the possibility to rent bed space. Options are single room, 2 bed or 4 bed sharing rooms. More information in link: https://www.ba.lv/studies/about-life-in-hostels/

Other facilities

Not too far away from SBF on the Duntes Street 22 the Hospital of Traumotology and Orthopaedics is located. State Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics is a special hospital focusing on bone and soft tissue trauma, orthopedics and spine surgery. Hospital provides high-quality, cost-effective, specialized care in a streamlined environment focused on wellness, mobility and quick recovery. When going in the opposite direction towards to city center on the Bruninieku Street 5 is the Riga 1st Hospital is located. Riga 1st hospital is a multidisciplinary ambulatory medical institution with a large day hospital with highly qualified professionals of various medical fields. Hospital offers wide and up-to-date diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation optional services both at the out-patient department, and at the day hospital. Price list for hospital services can be found online. There is a 24 hour dental clinic „Denta” located a little bit farther from the center of Riga on Brivibas street 230 and it offers a wide range of oral treatment as well as Emergency help at night and also during holidays.

We have many pharmacies near the SBF. One is located in the „Rimi Hipermārkets” just across the street on Valdemara Street 112, the other one is on the way to the Hospital of Traumotology and Orthopaedics and its located in the „Sky & More” shopping center there is also one shop of optics located in the same shopping center.

Facilities for special needs students

At the moment SBF is looking for the financing to introduce ramps for students with difficulties for movement, but any other case of health problems are is considered individually.


Before travelling to another EU country for a short stay – whether on holiday, a business trip or studies – you should get a European Health Insurance Card from your statutory health insurer. This will enable you to get any health care you might need during your trip.

The European Health Insurance Card proves your entitlement to health care. It is the physical proof that you are insured in an EU country.

If you fall unexpectedly sick during a temporary stay abroad, the European Health Insurance Card gives you the same right to statutory health care as people insured in the country you are in, so you can visit a local doctor.

Please note that non-EU nationals cannot use their European Health Insurance Card for medical treatment in Denmark.

In addition, Bulgarian and Romanian nationals cannot currently use their European Health Insurance Card in Switzerland.

The SBF advises the students to take out health insurance and third party insurance for the period of studies and a company placement abroad.

Financial support for students

State Education Development Agency (VIAA) offers scholarships to students, researchers and teaching staff of several countries for studies and research work in Latvian higher education institutions.

The foundation „BA School of Business and Finance Support Fund” (further in the text – Fund) has functioned in BA since 2007. It was founded with the aim to support the best students and to promote the further growth of BA. With their support the graduates can thank the teaching staff, but enterprises – for well-prepared employees who are the studentsor graduates of BA.

Student affairs Office

Study Information Department (The Student Affair Office) informs about study process, deals with applicants and student issues, provides information concerning organization of studies, determines the planning of study terms, consults on issues related to courses, provides documentation of exams and tests, transcripts of records, organizes Study Process Committee.

ERASMUS for outgoing and incoming students provide information regarding ERASMUS studies.

Learning facilities

Premises are equipped with modern technologies.

BA library is located at 161 K. Valdemara Street in Riga on the third floor. It consists of two units – the borrower department and the reading– room. The library ensures the study process and scientific work providing students, academic staff and other customers with library, bibliographic, informative and copying services.

BA uses the potential ensured by the computer rooms in the study process and professional growth. The services provided by IT division are closely integrated in the study process ensuring its continuity. There are three computer rooms in BA with 95 seats.

Wi-fi is available in all premises of the school.

BA study process and the economic activity take place in two buildings: 161 K.Valdemara street and 43 Skanstes street, Riga.

International programs

Lifelong Learning Programme ERASMUS:

Students can choose the course units from the list for Spring semester and from Autumn semester. Course units cannot be mixed for semesters.

The workload for students for each semester is 30 ECTS, the students can choose appropriate course units in order to achieve 30 ECTS.

Student mobility

International mobility of BA students is an essential precondition of the development of professional competences and skills as well as ensures effective competitiveness of students offering studies and internship opportunities at partner universities and enterprises abroad.

SBF cooperation with partners abroad not only in Europe, but also other regions of the world. The number of BA partners increases every year proving its professionalism and the ability to function under severe competition. BA has signed 106 international cooperation agreements with partner universities in 33 countries.

Language courses

BA organizes annual summer school with the goal of helping to improve skills development within the course “Intensive English Course for Studies”. All international students are offered Latvian language studies.


Internship (wok placement) is a compulsory element of every study programs at SBF. During the internship the students see the necessity and opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the studies in real situations at a workplace.

Sports and leisure facilities

After their studying hours, students of the BA School of Business and Finance have sports activities in a gym situated in Skanstes street 43. The time in the gym is devoted to basketball as well as to football.

There are different cultural, sports and recreation events at BA in which participated students, personnel and BA friends. The beginning of the academic year, the national holidays and graduation parties are celebrated.

Student associations

The Student Council of the BA School of Business and Finance (BASP) is a self-government elected by the students of the BA School of Business and Finance which represents students in the school’s decision-making authorities, conducts a dialogue between students and the school’s administration and organizes students’ life outside studies.

Erasmus Student Network is a European wide student network, founded in 1990 and build on “students helping students” principle that works for the creation of a mobile and flexible education environment by supporting and developing student exchange and providing an intercultural experience also to those students who cannot access a period abroad. ESN in Latvia is represented by ESN Riga, founded in 2003.

ESN-Riga, as all ESN sections, is a volunteer non governmental, non profit, non religious and non-political organization. ESN-Riga organizes different activities for foreign exchange students in Latvia