Master of International Finance and Banking (MBA/ MFIN)


Double degree qualifications in international finance and business administration


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Finance (MFIN)

*Courses available on weekday evenings and weekends. Ideal for working students.
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With professional qualification


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Tuition fees
With professional qualification

9 000

EUR full program

With academic qualification

9 626

EUR full program

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Program Overview

This is an superior dual degree masters program is conducted in collaboration with SBS Swiss Business School. Positioned as an interdisciplinary study program – it specializes in corporate finance and business management issues on a global context. 

The Professional Master’s degree programme ”International Finance and Banking” was ranked  13 by EDUNIVERSAL Best masters ranking under section ”Corporate Finance”/Eastern Europe(2015/2016 academic year)

Upon successful completion, you will receive 2 degrees

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Awarded by SBS Swiss Business School
  2. Master of Finance (MFIN) – Awarded by BA School of Business and Finance


The dual degree program develops a global understanding of relevant finance trends as well as global business changes. By focusing on theoretical concepts and their practical applications,  you will receive a cross-domain understanding on challenges, opportunities and winning strategies within a global context.

The program is based on Flex MBA principle. It follows a modular structure. Therefore, you will be able to easily combine work and studies. With an accent on application of theory in the modern business environment, we focus on delivering high value, applicable information, and leadership skills for your professional growth.


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Learning goals and objectives

The main goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified professional specialists for the leading/managerial positions in the fields of international business and finance.

Program objectives

Develop general competencies and skills

  • To understand and critically assess data and actual trends o local and international financial and capital markets;
  • To understand and critically assess business processes in the company;
  • To be able to manage finance of the company in all-time-changing environment;
  • To be able to work individually and in local/international teams.

Develop specialized competencies:

  • To be able to manage company in accordance with defined goals;
  • To be able to manage finance of the company in order to enhance profitability and long-term development;
  • To be able to assess and eliminate financial and business risks;
  • To be able to apply financial instruments.
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Mode of studies and tuition fees

This  program is designed as part time studies, following “flex MBA” principles at BA School of Business and Finance premises. Visiting lecturers from SBS Swiss Business School and international study groups, gives you superior value and growth opportunities.

For international students, we can assist you through our local partners in the applications process, document accreditation as well as visa and immigration services. BA School of Business and Finance reserves the right to adjust the tuition fee by 10%.

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Additional information

The main goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified professionals and leaders in the fields of international business and finance. Upon successful completion of studies, you will have a wide range of career opportunities,  ranging from banking and finance to investment portfolio management, marketing, entrepreneurship, audit and business development. By focusing on cross-domain expertise and practical case analysis, you will develop outstanding skills and superior competence to effectively analyze complex business issues and implement solid development strategies.

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Receive two degrees through a single program (MBA/ MFIN)

Swiss standard of education at an unmatched price

An inspiring international study experience


Enterprise internship

Completion criteria

Succesful completion of the study program, internship and thesis defense within the designated time period

Master of International Finance and Banking

Gundars Daugulis

Study programme coordinator

+371 20234640

Tatjana Mavrenko

Program Director

+371 20234640