Professional Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Management

Admission criteria:

Admission requirements for local students - a professional bachelor's degree or an academic bachelor's degree, or a professional qualification obtained upon completion of at least a four-year study program.


Qualification of the Information Security Manager.
The code of the profession 1330 09.


Professional master’s degree in Organization and Entrepreneurship Management.

*Courses available on every second Friday from 18.00 to 21.10, as well as every second Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 17:40. Ideal for working students.
Study format

Full-time study

Study language

English and Latvian*

Accredited till


With professional qualification


With academic qualification


Tuition fees
With professional qualification

1976 EUR

Semester fee (EU Applicants)

With professional qualification

2569 EUR

Semester fee (Other Applicants)

With academic qualification

1731 EUR

Semester fee (EU Applicants)

With academic qualification

2250 EUR

Semester fee (Other Applicants)

Program Overview

This is the full-time master programme with a concentration in Cybersecurity Management domains.

Students who successfully complete this programme could be able to gain competencies and practical skills of the cybersecurity policy, disaster recovery plans design, risk management; using different approaches, concepts, methods and techniques for crisis and incident handling.

The programme is designed to provide in-depth and up to date information in the field. With increasing globalization, security risks, the need for effective management of data, and demand for information security as well as intelligence have increased. The program addresses these aspects by explicitly focusing on concepts, insights, and management strategies of cybersecurity operations.

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Learning goals

To provide persons with an opportunity to acquire the profession “Information Security Manager” and to prepare them for professional activities to ensure information security and cybersecurity management in the company.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of information security management enablers and their impact on company competitiveness and sustainable development;
  2. Develop a capability to independently use information security measures, and tools for the critical asset’s protection;
  3. Demonstrate the skills to independently identify, critically analyse, and mitigate the risks related to cybersecurity domain;
  4. Ability to define and monitor the metrics of information security management to achieve appropriate strategic goals; demonstrate the capability to implement innovations for operating and strategic improvements.
  5. Ability to collaborate, communicate, consult, explain information security management objectives and outcomes to the stakeholders;

Ability to implement the competency frameworks for the development of the cyber staff and specialization.

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Mode of studies

This program is designed as full-time studies, following “flex MBA” principles” at BA School of Business and Finance. Visiting lecturers and international study groups, gives you superior value and growth opportunities.

For international students, we can assist you through our local partners in the applications process, document accreditation as well as visa and immigration services.

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Additional information

The main study modules have been improved to meet the industry requirements and to harmonise with the actual standards of cybersecurity management.

Programme structure


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MBA with specialization in cybersecurity management, giving you a competitive advantage

An inspiring international study experience.

The modular, workshop-based programme, designed for the effective study process.
The internship can be carried out at various companies and agencies in Latvia or abroad. Students will have the chance to put into practice the techniques learned during the programme and have the opportunity to learn from professionals of their specific industry directly.

With professional qualification

6 CP
(1CP= 1week)

With academic qualification

26 CP

Completion criteria

Students should complete the study courses, defend the internship report and the thesis within the designated time.

Master of Cybersecurity Management

Sintija Deruma

Program Director


Gundars Daugulis

Program Coordinator

+371 20234640