Bachelor of Business Administration (Check “Business Process Management” programme)


Qualification in business administration


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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Tuition fees

2 100

EUR per year (EU Applicants)

2 400

EUR per year (Other Applicants)

Program Overview

Enrolment for this study programme is closed.
Currently a new study programme “Business Process Management” is in the licensing process.

The study program has been designed in the aim giving the knowledge and skills for the global business environment.  As you start your career, it is vital that you understand the global trends, changes and their impact. Preparing yourself for a constantly changing world is key.

Success in this environment depends on your skills in leadership, communications, critical thinking, and fact based decision making skills. The program will help you develop these essential skills, help you develop a global mindset and prepare you for exciting careers in international business.


Upon completion, you will be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.


This program is specifically designed to help you acquire knowledge, skills and competences for business management. Through the program, we develop competitive management professionals in international business, who are capable of successfully grow in a changing social economic climate. Through the courses, we help you understand and apply knowledge related to international business and demonstrate a professional growth.

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Learning goals and objectives

The primary goal of the program is to provide in-depth and up to date information on the key trends, changes of the global business environment. By focusing on core disciplines in the field, you will obtain a comprehensive overview on developing yourself professionally for careers in international business.


The objectives

  • Ability to comprehend economic development regularities processes of the national economy and to explain them, to take part in substantive discussions and to make decisions according to changing circumstances;
  • Ability to apply the knowledge gained in the entrepreneurship management according to the set operational and strategic aims, to follow the implementation process, to make decisions and adjustments for the optimization of operational and strategic activities;
  • Ability to carry out professional activity, to formulate and analyze information, problems and to find solutions in one`s profession, using the scientific approach;
  • Ability to act ethically and to understand responsibility for the professional impact on the environment and society;
  • Ability to assume responsibility, be able to work in a team, delegate and coordinate responsibilities, to plan and organize one`s work efficiently, as well as to deal with conflict situations.
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Mode of studies and tuition fees

This program is designed as full time studies at BA School of Business and Finance premises.


For international students, we can assist you through our local partners in the applications process, document accreditation as well as visa and immigration services. BA School of Business and Finance reserves the right to adjust the tuition fee by 10%.

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Additional information

The objective of the programme is to provide the opportunity to master the knowledge, skills and abilities, to prepare competent, in changing socio-economic conditions  managers for the national economy who are able to apply their knowledge by managing processes and solving problems, as well as making decisions in the related fields. The awarded qualification acknowledges that graduates have acquired skills of determining and formulating basic principles of an enterprise performance, planning and managing work according to the goals set by the enterprise, and to work with people and be ready to adapt to different changes in a rapidly changing business environment in the field of management.  The students have international study environment. The students are eligible to study under Erasmus exchange programme.


The programme is suitable for Individuals who would like to pursue their career in business and finance. The programme develops qualified business managers who are able to work in different types of companies and organizations. And develop successful careers in a range of industries.


On successful graduation of the programme, the graduates obtain Professional Bachelor’s Diploma and the qualification: “enterprise and establishment manager”which corresponds to the 5th professional qualification level and it corresponds to the level 6 of the Latvian Qualification Framework (LQF) and European Qualification Framework level 6.


In order to obtain the professional Bachelor’s degree and qualification, the student has to fulfil the following programme requirements:

  • To acquire general and course specific course learning outcomes;
  • To acquire optional course learning outcomes;
  • Has to do a company placement;
  • Has to prepare and defend the Bachelor’s paper.
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Gain knowledge, competence and essential skills in international business management

An inspiring international experience

Ability to experience first hand, the changes and trends in the business environment


Enterprise internship

Līga Peiseniece

Vice Rector/ Program Director