Doctor of Business Management (PhD)


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Doctor of Business Management (PhD)

*Session dates (10:00 am - 17:00 pm) : 16.10.-23.10.2023; 19.02.-26.02.2024; 20.05.-27.05.2024.
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Tuition fees

16936 EUR

Full program fee (EU Applicants)

18816 EUR

Full program fee (Non EU Applicants)


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Program Overview

Study program goal

To prepare doctors of science and highly qualified researchers and specialists in the business management sub-branch of management science, thus strengthening management science as an academic field in Latvia and making a significant contribution to the development of business and enterprises in Latvia and Europe.


Study program tasks:

  1. To provide students with high-quality doctoral education, ensuring them the opportunity to develop research competencies in their chosen field.
  2. To carry out and approbate research significant to management science theory and practice: prepare Promotion Thesis, monographs, textbooks, and teaching materials, and scientific publications, incl.:
  • developing and carrying out a doctoral research program,
  • discussing the results of doctoral research (including approbation of results: publications and presentations at conferences and seminars),
  • ensuring preparation and defense of Promotion Thesis.
  1. To present and discuss the results of scientific research at international conferences and seminars as well as in popular science publications

The intended study outcomes of the doctoral program are oriented towards the preparation of doctoral students and meet the current requirements for the development of society and the economy in Latvia:


  1. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of current scientific theories and insights as well as a mastery of research methodology and contemporary research methods in management science or in a professional field and the interface of different fields.


  1. Is able to independently evaluate and select methods suitable for scientific research; has contributed to widening the frontiers of knowledge or has brought new insight to existing knowledge and its application in practice by carrying out a substantial amount of original research, some of which is internationally cited.
  2. Is able to communicate verbally and in writing about management science with the wider scientific community and the general public.
  3. Is able to independently advance his/her scientific qualifications; to implement scientific projects, achieving results according to set criteria; and to manage research or development tasks at enterprises, institutions and organisations where extensive research knowledge and skills are needed.


  1. Is able to meet significant research or innovation objectives by independently carrying out critical analysis, synthesis, and evaluation; to independently propose a research idea; to plan, structure, and lead large-scale scientific projects, including in an international context.


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Learning goals and objectives

Specifically designed based on global trends and changes in the business environment, the program aims to deliver high value, both on academic and professional aspects in the field, within a global context.


Program objectives


  • Prepare highly qualified professionals – Doctors of Science in Business Management
    Strengthen Management Science as a branch of science both locally and internationally
  • Facilitate the development of highly qualified researchers are substantially necessary who are able to create and develop the base
  • Promote and sponsor research initiatives related to business management in a global context
  • Involve students in international conferences and seminars, as well as in scientific publications.
  • Deliver an inspiring and exciting study experience for students
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Mode of studies and tuition fees

This  program is designed as full time studies, at BA School of Business and Finance, and RISEBA University premises. Visiting lecturers and international study groups, gives you superior value and growth opportunities.


For international students, we can assist you through our local partners in the applications process, document accreditation as well as visa and immigration services. BA School of Business and Finance reserves the right to adjust the tuition fee by 10%

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Admission criteria

Master’s degree in social sciences or persons with Master’s degree in humanitarian and technical sciences if they have at least a 2-year experience in Business Management, Public Management or Management of Educational and have sufficient knowledge in the field of Management Sciences. Applicants who have acquired their previous education abroad must submit a copy of the respective document, presenting the original, and append a certificate from the Academic Information Centre ( explaining which Latvian degree or diploma the education document acquired abroad corresponds to. For studies in the English track, applicants must submit a certificate of English proficiency (IELTS 6.5+ or equivalent).

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Additional information

Acquisition of the study program takes place in lectures, seminars, practical classes, independent work classes and consultations with scientific advisors. Along with the traditional forms of work, the interactive study and research work methods are also practiced which activate generation of new knowledge of the students, as well as acquisition of analytical and research skills: projects, group work, creative workshops, discussions, situation analysis, research.

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Doctoral degree Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in Economics and Business

An inspiring international study experience

Modular, workshop based programme, designed for effective study process.


Enterprise internship

Completion criteria

Succesful completion of the study program, internship and thesis defense within the designated time period

Doctor of Business Management (PhD)

Dr. Andris Fomins

Programme director

Linda Roga

Programme Coordinator