Bachelor of International Finance (BBA/ BFIN)




Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Finance (BFin)

*Program available on weekdays or evenings. Ideal for working students
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Tuition fees

2860 EUR

Semester fee (EU Applicants)

Available budget places

5720 EUR

Fee for the 1st year (Other Applicants)

Program Overview

This unique dual degree study program is conducted in collaboration with SBS Swiss Business School. Specializing in international business and finance, the program will provide you a solid base on which you could shape your future career. Regardless of the career path which you choose- from banking, finance, entrepreneurship or marketing, this undergraduate program will give you a firm understanding on how to successfully develop yourself in the global business environment.


Upon successful completion, you will receive 2 degrees

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration – Awarded by SBS Swiss Business School
  2. Bachelor of Finance – Awarded by BA School of Business and Finance


The study program is designed to provide you in-depth and up-to-date knowledge on subjects related to international business and finance. You will develop competences and skills on understanding global changes and their impact. Through case study analysis, interactive sessions and international internships, you will develop capabilities and strategies for managing situations in a practical setting. Through the study program, you will develop a range of skills and expertise which you can apply in multiple industries and career paths globally.  As a result, the program will prepare you for successful careers in international business and finance.



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Learning goals and objectives

The primary goal of the study program is to provide you a solid base for you to develop the knowledge, competence and expertise. By focusing on current trends and changes within the global business and financial environments, we ensure a modern and up-to-date education.


Program objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of  the core disciplines in business and finance
  • Develop core professional, academic and interpersonal skills focusing on the global business environment
  • Understand the impact of trends and changes from a business and financial context
  • Develop strong analytical capabilities and fact based decision making skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand, integrate and develop in multicultural environments
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Mode of studies and tuition fees

This program is designed as full time studies at BA School of Business and Finance premises.


For international students, we can assist you through our local partners in the applications process, document accreditation as well as visa and immigration services. BA School of Business and Finance reserves the right to adjust the tuition fee by 10%.

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Additional information

The dual degree program was developed in compliance with strategic goals set out by the government for the 2nd level higher professional education and Professional Standard “Financier” (18 May 2010, the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Latvia, Regulations No 461 ”Regulations for the classification of occupations, profession, relevant tasks and skills essential and the Classification of Occupations and the use of updating procedures”). This Standard determines the main requirements, skills and abilities of professionals obtaining the mentioned qualification of financier.

Both degrees and the qualification of the financier are awarded to the students who have acquired the whole study programme of 240 ECTS (4 years), which is based on acquired learning outcomes from professional courses related to business administration and finance, research and communication courses, including company placement and the defense of Bachelor’s thesis. Attendance to the classes is compulsory. SBS Swiss Business School awards Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in International Management to those graduates who received the minimum average grade 7 (good, 70%) for the whole programme.


Admission requirements:


  • Secondary school or college education diploma;
    State examination certificate: grades in Latvian (for applicants from Latvia), Mathematics and English;
  • Immatriculation, that is the enrollment in the study programme is organized according to the Enrollment Regulations of the School, which are being endorsed by the Senate for each coming academic year.
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Receive two degrees through a single program (BBA/ BFIN)

Swiss standard of education at an unmatched price

An inspiring international study experience


Enterprise internship

Completion criteria

Succesful completion of the study program, internship and thesis defense within the designated time period

Bachelor of International Finance

Gundars Daugulis

Study programme coordinator

+371 20234640

Tatjana Mavrenko

Program Director

+371 20234640