Research papers

BA lecturers scientific publications in 2018


Grasis, J. (2018) “From Fiduciary Deals to Trust Operations in Latvian Commercial Banks”, Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-613-9-93476-8


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Arefjevs, I., Spiridonovs, J., Tocelovska, N. (2018) “Private Financing Alternatives for Infrastructure of State Owned Enterprises”, European Integration Studies, No12, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, Print ISSN 1822-8402 (EBSCO, WoS)

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Jablonskis, A., Petersone, M., Ketners, K. (2018) “Insights into the definition of customs logistics”, Intellectual Economics, 12(1), (SCOPUS, Clarivate WoS  EBSCO Publishing, Inc. (EconLit), C.E.E.O.L., PROQUEST, ULRICH’S)

Pētersone, M., Ketners, K. (2018) “Integration of Learning Evaluation Model in Performance Management System: Case Study Latvian SRS”, In: Drivers for Progress in the Global Society, A.Raišiene, Y.Bilan ed. Bologna (Italy): ED learning, ISBN 978-88-87729-47-4

Pētersone, M., Ketners, K., Āboliņa, I. (2018) “Conceptualizing the Possible Implementation of Food Taxes in Developed Economies: Case of Latvia”, In: Reviewed Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Scientific International Conference for PhD Students and Assistants, Czech Republic, Hradec Králové, 27-29 June, 2018. Hradec Králové: MAGNANIMITAS, ISBN 978-80-87952-26-9

Kozlovska, I. (2018) “Corporate Governance Disclosures: The Case of Latvian Companies Listed on Baltic Stock Exchange”, Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication, Print ISBN: 978-3-319-74453-7; EBOOK ISBN: 978-3-319-74454-4. DOI: (Springer )

Mavlutova, I., Innuse, G., Ziemele, A. (2018) “Improvement Opportunities to Increase The Business Efficiency of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Enterprises in Latvia”, 20th Annual International Conference ”Enterprise and Competitive Environment”, 2017, Proceedings,  Svatopluk Kapounek, Veronika Krutilova ed., Mendel University in Brno, ISBN: 978-80-7509-499-5 (WoS)

Mavlutova, I. (2018) “Sustainability of Latvian Pension system and its Development Opportunities Pathways to Global Sustainability:  Strategies and Frame works”, P. Reddy, B. Sharma ed., 2017, AIMS Publications, India, ISBN 978-81-931603-5-0

Brivers, I., Mavlutova, I., Mavlutov, B. (2018) “The Construction Industry and its Impact on the Financial Position of Enterprises: Case of Latvia”, 21st Annual International Conference ”Enterprise and Competitive Environment” Proceedings,  Svatopluk Kapounek, Veronika Krutilova ed., 2018, Mendel University in Brno, ISBN: 978-80-7509-561-9, (WoS)

Behmane, D., Rūtītis, D. (2018) “International health care regulation at national and institutional levels in Latvia”, in: Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Vol.40, No4, ISSN 2345-0355, Article DOI:
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Behmane, D., Villeruša, A., Berķis, U., Rūtītis, D. (2018) “Evaluation of external factors for the development of the Latvian health sector”, in: Humanities and Social Sciences: Latvia, Vol.26, No2, Article DOI:

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Kleber, D., Volkova, T. (2018) “Key success factors to increase value proposition in hospitality industry”, International Journal of Management and Applied Science, ISSN: 2394-7926 Vol4, Issue10;


Volkova, T., Sattarov, M. (2018) “Practical Considerations on the Implementation of Public–Private Partnership in Water Utilities in Emerging Markets of Central Asia”, In: The Emerald Handbook of Public–Private Partnerships in Developing and Emerging Economies, João Leitão, Elsa de Morais Sarmento, João Aleluia ed., ISBN: 978-1-78714-494-1; eISBN: 978-1-78714-493-4;

Dominiece-Diasa, B., Portnova, I., Volkova, T. (2018) “Strategic Foresight: Towards Enhancing Leadership Capabilities And Business Sustainability”, In: Proceedings of 10th International Scientific Conference „Business and Management 2018“, Available:


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