Conference 2017

The 10th annual international scientific Baltic business management conference ASBBMC 2017 “Sustainable organizations: creation and management in an unstable business environment” was held on April 27-29, 2017, in Riga.

The conference is organized by the Graduate School of Business, Art and Technology RISEBA and BA School of Business and Finance in cooperation with the Riga Graduate School of Economics SSE Riga.

Conference sections:

  • Sustainable Policy and Practice in Economics and Social Sciences;
  • Sustainable business;
  • Organizational behaviour models, sustainable initiative;
  • Different factors for promoting sustainability.

The best scientific articles will be submitted for publication in the Baltic Journal of Management (ISSN: 1746-5265; indexed in SCOPUS scientific data base)

Papers submitted to the conference was published in the Journal of Business Management (ISSN: 1691-5348; indexed in EBSCO).

Conference programme ( PDF file)

Call for papers (PDF file)

Doctoral pre- conference (Doctoral pre conference 2017)