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Language of exchange studies: English

Language : English


  • The Erasmus+ programme – it is a huge and positive experience, which you can get during your studies. It is a chance to verify and improve your foreign language skills or obtain new academic skills. Also, it is a chance to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Of course, when you go on Erasmus+, it is an opportunity to explore the country of your destination, the different culture and local traditions.

    In Portugal the studies were interesting, because the studies consisted of analyzing companies, which are well known in the world, and definitely increased the interest towards studies. The study process is very similar to the one in Latvia. Other thing that makes studies more exciting is that students are from different countries, and they all have some other ways and views on the studies, and the whole process. Also, what’s interesting, in Portugal there are two teachers, who supplement each other during a lecture. They might have a different point of view on a topic, and that’s what makes the lectures more interesting and full of discussions.

    The Erasmus+ programme gives the  chance to get new contacts, which will be useful in the future, including business, and it’s the simplest chance to get new friends, who you can visit later on.

    All in all, Erasmus+ is an inexpressible experience, so we recommend everyone to try it!

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